Osceolas & Tecumseh: Plan E

96. Done. Starting on 144.

I got a late start (8:30am) so decided on the following strategy: If I could tag the Osceolas from the Greely Ponds side from the Kanc and get back to the car by 1pm I'd drive down to Waterville Valley and hit Tecumseh. I got back to the car around 1:30 and guessed I could still make twilight. I didn't know how long it would take to get to Tecumseh, but spread all my clothes out in the car and blasted the heat to have dry tops and shell. That worked well.

I hit Tecumseh around 2:15 and was back at the car around 4:30, just at the end of twilight.


  • I didn't bring traction or gaiters. Good choice, although the going was a little slow at times due to all the cascades on the Osceola Trail being frozen solid.
  • A long day out at about 0-5° takes its toll. The rapid transitions from hot/sweaty to cold/chilly are tiring.
  • Gear Note: need to find alternative to Precip shell... something that breathes.
  • Lost a pair of mitten shells w/ liners somewhere... not sure... think at Greely Ponds trailhead during change of gear before heading to Tecumseh.
  • Winds weren't bad - but things were howling in the woods. I've never had such high winds so far below treeline (at least 1,000ft). I think it's the geography of the area. It was pretty intimidating to think that it was only going to escalate at the summit. As it turned out, I never put on goggles and only had to wear my facemask on the East summit to avoid frostbite on my north-facing cheek.
  • Food Note: Osceolas: 1/2L of water, 1 sardine sandwich, 1 bottle boost. In car to Waterville Valley: 1/2L of water, 1 peanut butter sandwich, 1 handful of trail mix. On Tecumseh: 1L of water. On ride home: 3L of liquid, including 1L of chocolate milk, 1 Large coffee w/ milk, 24oz of Sobe peach mango something. Close to 3000 calories of stuff I don't even want to talk about. Basically, high fat, high salt, high carb, high protein, etc. At home: bowl of miso soup w/ noodles (thanks Sue), 1/2 salmon steak w/ capers and lemon, 5 chocolate chip pecan cookies, large piece of candied ginger.
  • Almost nobody was out. Saw nobody on Osceolas, one couple on Tecumseh.
Pics are posted [Here].


  1. Mutha,

    That camera rocks. The pic labelled "south to Tecumseh" looks like it should be sold in stores. Very kewl.


    ps. I liked the butt at the start.

  2. It's a freakin' toothpick, you stonemason. Thanks. Yeh, the pic was cool but what it didn't capture was the rapid clouds moving and the blowing snow. I've got that on video, but no time to process that until thanksgiving vacation.

  3. once again mutha-z...congrats!!!

    next 48 in the winter?

  4. I don't think I'm man enough. :)

  5. Mutha,
    Congrats on the 96. Impressive you did the last couple, up the ice falls, without any foot pins or tread walkers.

    TMail and I got out today in an attempt to bask in the shadow of your greatness. We poked up the Franc Ridge. And, as you pointed out in your report, we learned that this weather makes for miserable heat management. We shifted from extreme hots and colds continuously through the day, battling a wind from the West that was lapping at our ears and face. Nasty up high, beautiful in the valley.

    Pics are here - http://picasaweb.google.com/puppetmaster64/TheButterballRun#

  6. PM and I attacked conquered and divided the Franconia Ridge...it was my first time up there and I was nervous...

    Cold, Hot, Sweaty, Sweaty Cold, Hot, Left cheek froze, Left ear froze, grundle aired out...

    As the PM said tough day I think I have figured out the parking lot issue...put on this EMS windstopper jacket I have with pit zips...wear it until on the cusp of getting hot and take it off and core is compeletly warm...the hands I have to face the music I am a pussy and need to wear mittens...

    We saw two people all day one guy heading to Garfield...another guy looking for Lafayette left his shell jacket and MSR stove at greenleaf he wanted to go lite...you don't need that stuff anyway on the ridge...

    We had a nice cold wind that was either dead or blowing so the left side of face would freeze up...i got a ice cream headache from the wind...NOTE TO SELF WEAR FACE MASK...


    PM thanks for driving...peanut butter and bacon rock...see you turkey day I will stop in around noon...

  7. Mutha congrats on the beast of a hike...

  8. Awesome, absolutely awesome. The pics are amazing and i'm still chuckling over "The Plumber's Crack".

    The heat/sweat management will always haunt us. It has a way of making ALL gear choices seem bad - or at least inadequate. My favorite solution so far: bring lots of changes of gear.