Saturday or Sunday 11/8 or 11/9

I'm still reeling from Obama's win. At 11pm last night, Spanky and I danced in the streets of Danville. We believed that once Obama won, there would be dog-food everywhere ... and THERE WAS! ... Dancing in the street...Just us, but dancing nonetheless.

Saturday looks very rainy, Sunday looks a little better - the next day or two will tell. Here's what we know:

MadDog: probably out of commission on both days, probably drunk as a skunk
tMail: always up for a good time. also may do something with friend w/ sore legs
PM: suggested a VT trek
g-$$$: is free Sunday
mutha: wants Osceolas and Tecumseh in 2008. Aside from that, it doesn't matter.

[Update 11/7, 7:15pm] It's highly unlikely that anything big is going to happen up here. It's looking like two days of rainy weather all over Vermont and New Hampshire. Maybe I'll get some laundry done.


  1. F-ing rain... Appears this weekend may be a wash out. If the forecast still shows a 50%+ chance of rain on Sat then I will be hanging south versus braving the wet, raw ridges of the north.

    My alt plans include a long run on Sat morning in a state forest, maybe a wet mountain bike, and then some orienteering on Sunday.

    Sunday, Nov. 9, NEOC event at Breakheart Reservation, Saugus, MA
    Registration and Starts from 10 am - Noon, Courses: W, Y, O, G, R

  2. Sunday in Saugus has a nice ring to it PM...keep me posted.

  3. I have my bivy sack ready for Saugus...

  4. Saturday looks like a complete washout. Sunday looks iffy. Holy crap, what a mess.

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  6. Saturday PM, Big Boy and I met at Callahan State Park and got in 2 hours worth of trail running in cool wet conditions. It was then to REI and we looked like two hunters working our way through every inch of the store. I picked up a pair of shell over mittens and PM got a sweet pair of sunglasses.

    Tomorrow team "Big Red" G$$$, PM, Tmail are doing an NEOC event in Saugus.

    The rest of my day was resting, food shopping and doing laundry.

    Stay tuned for our NEOC Report...

  7. Sweet! Can't wait to hear about the event. I didn't do diddly squat saturday... may do a little run on Sunday but nothing interesting... oh well, a weekend off won't hurt.

  8. Team Red hammered out the "red" course (6Km as the crow flies) at Breakheart Reservation and followed it up with a celebratory sandwich party at Kelly's Roast Beef in Saugus... a great day!

    G$'s new nickname is "Butter" because he is melting away... a mere shadow of his former self, he led the charges up and over the knolls and through the bramble all day.

    TMail honed his north-south finding skills and by the 3rd control, was calling out the bearings to the next one.

    Next weekend...

  9. butter is churning to lard so long as these trips to kelly's continue....but damn....they got some good fries and o-rings.

    PM was masterful in deciphering the topo and compass and tmail shows he's a very quick learner....young jedi will soon be the compass master. thanks for keeping me company in the woods team red......and my big lesson...hold on to the damn control card...

  10. Topo training 101 via G-$$$ and PM...i learned alot through observation and listening...trying not to ask too many questions and absorb through osmosis...i did learn my compass blows and will be smashed shortly and replaced.

    My first NEOC event was great...i am actually upset I can't make the one in the blue hills but what can you do.

    the guy who i think designed the course told PM and I it was not a good idea to wear shorts...yeah okay buddy couple scraps and scratches nothing 1 hour in the chlorinated waters of a pool can't cure after the event.

    i think the biggest obstacle faced was the navigation between potato chips, onions rings, and french fries at Kelly's Roast Fat House

  11. don't forget to check for ticks....

    o-gear is something else....spiked trail shoes, gaiters with shin padding, and fancy schmancy compasses.

    speaking of compasses..pm is this the wrist one you have??? I think this I'm gonna ask santa to bring me one since I've been a good boy this year.

  12. G$,
    That's the wrist compass... it's kick ass. I recommend it to all.

  13. tmail - congrats on the race. sounds excellent. i'm asking santa for the compass.