The Next Big Day Out

Well, it seems like the next adventure will be the Bad Boy event in 8 days. I think tMail is heading out Thursday, I'm heading up Friday evening but I don't remember anyone else's schedule. As far as this weekend is concerned, a cold air mass is descending on the region and everyone is going to be seeking their own adventure.

Some odds and ends of thrifty gear stuff:

- tMail gave me and MadDog some cast-off biking tops. I took them all (sorry MadDog, will redistribute some time in the future). One bright yellow cold-weather cycling top seemed a good candidate for xc skiing. Even though those jackets aren't cut for arm motion, they are roomy enough so there was no tugging. I wore it with my thinnest base layer in 10deg temps and it performed like a champ.

- At TJMaxx with the wife, killing time while she looked for something, I was browsing through the aisles and found a "Layer8" brand top (thin windstopper material with thin loft on the inside). It was pretty dang good in one test of xc skiing. $11.

- Also at TJMaxx: a very thin marino wool sweater - about twice the weight of my base-layer Ibex which you can read through. It's a dress sweater that I bought for work, but I may go back and pick up another for hiking, in spite of the v-neck.... nothing a good balaclava couldn't handle. Also, it was $70 less than my Ibex (which cost $80).

More later ...

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  1. I believe one of the jackets I distributed has zip off arms...