Run-Up To The Bad Boy

It's only two days until some of us head out to the Bad Boy Extravaganza, so this post may serve as a place for any last-minute thoughts. We started tacking comments on the last post so if there's anything left to add we can add it here. For example, I don't have directions to the place Roland rented... or a phone #. I also don't remember who's going when. Hopefully we can fill in the blanks:

  • Address & Directions: 35 Adams RoadJackson, NHSki House #35
  • Heading out on Thursday: tMail, Roland (& Company) & Spungie
  • Heading out on Friday: everybody else

The snow today could be between 16 and 20 inches on the summit by thursday morning. The Friday trek to Galehead should be nice and snowshoey - packing that trail in could take quite a bit of energy. Good luck to you all.


  1. Leave it to the PMD:

    The address to the Ski House is:

    35 Adams Road
    Jackson, NH
    Ski House #35


    I will be there Thursday mid afternoon and Roland and Company will be arriving around dinner time. I believe Spungie will be there as well in the evening.

    The rest of the crew I assume is arriving on Friday night.

    The scheduled hike for Friday is Galehead and maybe South Twin.

    I am not going to post a phone number on the blog I believe everyone has mine just call me.


  2. Breaking News

    MD will be arriving in NH Thursday night and will be spending Friday in a coffee shop reading, writing, studying and picking up chicks for Saturday night...