Working Up A Steamer For 1/17 or 1/18

So, in an effort to keep MadDog on target for the original project plan date of delivery of all 48, we'll drag his ass out regardless of what he wants. This is all about us. My ski date fell through so I'm available on either Saturday or Sunday.

The weather looks pretty challenging for Saturday (temps in Danville are supposed to hover around -15°F for Wed/Thu/Fri night, warming to -5°F by Saturday night). Sunday is looking quite balmy at a daytime high of 15°F.

While we're waiting for Mad Dog to work through his scheduling issues, we can toss out some ideas for both MadDog 48-ers and also some Plan B treks.

MadDog Scenario:
- Pass/Whiteface

Non-MadDog Scenario:
- Lincoln's Backbone (descend via OBP)

[Update 1/16] It's Decided! Passaconaway & Whiteface! That's quite a challenge for the mileage in the bitter cold conditions. Bring plenty of food boys, that furnace'll need stoking. Logistics to be determined.


  1. I agree with the MD plan if MD is in present.

    Non MD adventures:

    Tom, Field, Willey if temperatures are well below freezing better to stay low and eat humblepie...

  2. Thanks for the participation, boys. A nice time out, and a nice workout. I need more of them. Some things that me chuckle, grimace, and sneer:

    Chuckles occur constantly like when:
    - We rediscovered of Peggy O'Brien. A bit of Irish lore, Italian love, and Jewish lunch food. What a combination for the trail. You just had to be there.
    - I called Tmail and Mutha at 9pm the night before (while Tmail's in bed with his teddy goat and Mutha's wining and dining) that nearly all my stuff was stuck in the trunk of my Prius, and not accessible so I might have to bail.
    - The rapid call-up of gear resources by Mutha and Tmail, due to the above situation. I think the technique being applied was something like, "just throw the shit in a bag for him".
    - Being able to make it to the rendezvous exit on the first pass. Amazing!

    Sneering is what occurs when you:
    - Confront people like Hiker #3.

    Grimace is what happens when:
    - You eat Ashland pizza, I did it but it was painful, really painful.
    - Mutha eats Ashland pizza with a 7 pepper sauce.
    - When you stop for 5-6 minutes, anywhere in the Sandwich range on cold day. The hands just go in a flash.