Feb 7/8 - or 14/15

Off we go. What's next on our list.

  • We've got MadDog's remaining summits, but he's started the new job in NH so we'll have to wait to hear how that's going.
  • We've got a pre-Bataan heavy load slog (to Thoreau Falls and out again - either one or two-car)
  • Lincoln's Backbone beckons
  • ...???

[Update 2/3/09] Whoops, thanks tMail for pointing out that Feb 7, 2009 is the annual celebration of the chinese new year. We may have to change this by a week.

1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't mind doing something geared towards Bataan would like to try to avoid two car set up if at all possible and look for possible loops at lower elevations...

    Next Saturday or Sunday is look opportunistic....