Valentine's Day Weekend

The year of the ox was given a celebration that make it seem more like the year of the pig.

Bataan beckons, but we're getting a ton of rain and if this chills up it will make for great playing in Tuckerman and/or neighboring ravines. There's so much fun to be had I can't decide. Pack in to Thoreau Falls to watch the surging water crash and boil, or play on steep terrain...? Decisions, decisions...

[Update 2/12] Well, it looks like we're going our own ways again this weekend. I'm going skiing w/ a group from school on Sunday and staying close to home on Saturday. The PM is heading to Vermont for a family weekend, MadDog is NOT driving to New Hampshire and g-$$$ is keeping the love fires burning. Next weekend, let's anticipate an epic adventure (if I recover from the flu, from which I am currently suffering).

[Update 2/17]

tMail's Trip Report:

6 hour day 30 minutes of it praying for sky to open up never did. I tagged Pierce...Eisenhower is another story the winds from yesterday destroyed trails. I couldn't make heads tails anything. There was so much friggen snow, snow bridges 4 feet high. I was standing over the Pearce Cairn.

Anyway the somber news is when I was hiking this morning heard helicopters and saw search rescue combing the place. They asked me for conditions above I said pea soup. Couple from Montreal story is trying do a Presi missing since Thursday is what they said. I decided hit Jacksom as well ran into more S and R they said they may have found them in the Dry River Wilderness. Makes sense if they wanted get out of hurricane force winds out of Northwest.

The sound of helicopter all day at least 5+ hours made it very mellow.

Here are the 8 pictures I took all day...i stayed pretty much on the move all day...two things i did:

1. Set the timer on my watch ever 45 minutes to drink and snack2. Stopped for 30 minutes to test my Montbell Down jacket about 100 feet below treeline

Check out the picture I took of the Pierce summit Cairn I was standing over it and almost didn't even see it...the winds from Saturday contributed to massive amounts of snowloading in spots... http://picasaweb.google.com/TimFinocchio/PierceJackson#

Now check out the real size of it in [the pic at right]. I was thinking of Eisenhower but I couldn't make heads or tails of anything...I was alone so I did the safe thing. I heard a couple people back in the parking lot talking about how they turned around couldn't identify the trail. That was my third strike on Eisenhower 1. Lighting2. Froze to death3. No Trail

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  1. This weekend is looking promising...Saturday is Valentines Day so not sure if that puts a twist on things. I am also off Monday (Presidents Day) so a Sunday trip is also an option and maybe a preference at this time but more to come...