Weekend of 2/21 - 2/22

We've got a winter storm watch in effect here in the north country for Wednesday night into Thursday evening. We won't have a good idea of storm totals, but it looks like the main problem may be a mix of rain and snow - which for me is just dandy. The crust in Danville is so beautiful that Spanky and I could xc-ski today anywhere on my skinny skis without even breaking through. But it's also not icy - is a great crunchy crust coating with light, blown snow, like skiing on, um, something firm, crunchy on top, that doesn't collapse w/ skis or snowshoes.

If this storm dumps on top, it'll move around on the summits but it's real excellent for (excluding MadDog's remaining 48):

  1. Lincoln's Backbone
  2. Long weighted pack trek into Zealand Notch (Thoreau Falls)
  3. Ski-Trek into Zealand Notch
  4. ...
The Katahdin trek departs Friday on the tail of a big snow - Good Luck to the hardy adventurers. Results of that trek will be posted as news arrives.

[Update 2/22] Wyoming Bob Brings 'em There And Back Again!
Pics From The Puppet Master HERE. Pics from tMail HERE.
PM's Trip Report:
Great weekend and adventure. Some high points:
  • 8 cars off the icy roads in Portsmouth
  • Meeting Bob's neigbor Keith while he was plowing, saying "Hi" and getting the Mainer "Uh-yuh" in response!
  • Spicy pasta and chicken
  • "Margaret, don't go that way" at 2am
  • The ride into Abol
  • Looking up Abol Slide and thinking "Yep, that's steep."
  • Looking in my pack at the ridge and realizing my extra warm layer was back at the camp (oops!), forcing me to stick with the same base layer all day!
  • Walking onto the ridge, checking the "N/S finder" for the E/W line
  • G$ eating up cairns like a pac man - to the summit and back
  • Walking "drunk" and feeling as though my pack was a dead monkey swinging on my back (thank you 50lbs and 20mph winds!)
  • The American flag
  • Wands good
  • On the descent, stopping to take in the break in the weather and watching the blue skies open above us... except over the ridge and summit!
  • The sunset through the trees
  • Getting passed on the ride out by snowmobilers going 70mph+
  • Chili, beer, sake, and cookies... mmmmmmm
Again, great time and thanks to Bob for the invite and hospitality. Look forward to the next adventure.

tMail's Trip Report:
  • Drive up to Millinocket (Longhorns, Maine High School Basketball, Methane)
  • Wildman’s Cabin
  • Chicken Pasta and Fra Divalo
  • The train coming into the station at 4am…walking out to the outhouse no head lamp, no toilet paper
  • The ride to Abol camp
  • Nascar Nate “EEEEEEEE Yeah”
  • Packing out the trail
  • Abol slide is one relentless son of a bitch
  • Poking my head on the ridge and see nothing
  • Planting wands along the way
  • G$$$ was like a bloodhound to the summit
  • Old Glory on the Summit
  • The 10 minute descent back to the slide
  • Completely loosing all feeling in both hands
  • LL Bean Chem warmers (note to self wear liners)
  • Screaming across the lake on snow machine and going through water…HUH?!?!
  • Chili, Sake, more Sake
  • Sunday around 2am getting up kneeling on side of bed…peeing in the piss bottle
  • Breakfast…..Chili again!
  • La Casa De Fiesta. Address: Rte. 157, P.O. Box 699, Millinocket, ME
Wildman thanks for the invite….if you build it they will come….great times and good fun!!! PM thanks for the ride and the pizza Thursday night!!!


  1. MZ...PM / G$$$ / Tmail depart for Millinocket, Maine this Friday...with a planned assault of Katahdin on Saturday. We might be breaking some serious trail and be in a bind with possible Avi danger on the rock slide leading to the ridge.

    More to come as snow totals come in over next 24-48 hours.

  2. This next system is looking interesting. The MWO is cautioning that the system will be slow to move out and be followed by ongoing precip in its wake.