Saturday, 3/21: MADDOG DAY!

Woo Hoo. a-Waitin' on MadDog for his list of preferred adventures.... stay tuned.

[Update 3/20] Maddog and I have been too busy to firm up our plans. Something with a long, Bataan-like slog was the last I heard from him. It'll be Saturday. Sue and I are going to Boston to have lunch w/ tMail and won't be home until late so the final destination will be by word of mouth.


  1. Tmail update by category/date:

    Automobile = Inspection sticker

    Exercise = Cycling 35 miles/ run 5

    Gear = Going to REI to buy zip offs


    Exercise = Trail running

    Social = Meeting parents in RI

  2. looks like my son and I are heading to the IME sale them up to either or both tuckermans and/or the bad boy.

  3. Should be a glorious day for it!! Woo Hoo!

  4. The day began with a meeting with the man who is the great purveyor of pemi possibilities He asked what my desires were - I replied, something level and 1-2 hrs in duration. His response was I have the perfect day for you, follow me. So I did and thus begins this adventure:

    1. See Mutha's post for maps, the route, etc...the Delorme must do it thing, and this process cannot be rushed.

    2. We encountered what I believe is the largest moose den of ill repute, east of Reno.

    3. Like the signs say at the gym, it was a total body workout.

    4. I had everything with me on the way to Mutha's, plus the kitchen. But that knowledge did not stop Mutha from freezing me in my tracks at Marty's, by asking: "Maddog, did you forget your crampons?" Doh!

    5. Making a 1pm call to those left behind, was liberating.

    6. For the project management wonks, this was a six-phase project. Each delivering it's own flavor of beauty, pain, strain, and discomfort.

    7. I thought Lost and Found was a department. It's not, it's something that only bushwhack trails do with my gear.

    8. We crossed paths with a bear.

    9. The birch grove in the Pemi, was just spectacular.

    10. While on Franconia Ridge, Mutha sought my attention about a couple of spectacular boulders. I thought, how does he have eyes in the back of his head?

    11. Do the boner.

  5. Great day on the Mountain for my son and I, went to the IME Sale????? first, Crampons for 100, boots 225 both used. Left empty handed. Got on the trial around 10, summit at 1, base at 4 (we had some climber from Japan in Heather's, others with ropes). Talked to some self appointed "Rock Stars" as they called themselves due to the pace they were setting. That's right we passed them. Clear, calm and warm, great views of sking. Ending with Longhorn Nochos and mango salsa pizza at the Moat. It does get any better

  6. http://picasaweb.google.com/hikesintherain/32109MtWashington#

    Link to pictures

  7. wildman, we saw you on the badboy, from lincoln.