Snow Snow Snow Snow

... and more snow.

Down in the boston area the forecast is for up to 14 inches, max snowfall rates in the 2-3 in/hr.
Up here in the north country we're only looking at 5-10 inches w/ max rates in the 1-2 in/hr.

I have such snow envy. But the longer-term prospects up here are pretty good. We've got two feet on the ground in Danville which is substantially concretized from last week's rain. In the Drifts In Steep Terrain
Whites there's 3-6ft generally, more in lee drifts and 10-15ft in the ravines - probably close to 30-60ft in Tuckerman's. Same stats with the Greens. If school gets canceled tomorrow i'm heading out on the BC skis in the afternoon to get some turns in and pretend like it's the last of the snow but from the looks of things it's going to be xc season into April even if it stops snowing after tomorrow's bad boy.

So we've got three weekends until Bataan. Should we use the weekend outings for heavy-pack excursions? I'm kind of thinking that any adventure will be appropriate - either distance, elevation or both. The deep snow will be around for a while. I have a tradition of heading up the Bad Boy the first weekend in April to watch the skiers and enjoy the deep, plentiful and stable snow in the bright blue sky. I guess that's my way of saying: no rush, there's always time after Bataan.

So what about the next three weekends? What was floating around on our To-Do list? Anything you can think of please post in the comments and I'll tack them onto the list. He are some starters to get the creative juices flowing (in no particular order):

  1. Lincoln's Backbone. I know this may not be really appealing because we've been on the ridge so many times, but man, Wildman Warren and I had such a great time up there it's hard to ignore. And for anyone who hasn't done this bushwack, it's highly recommended. It's not a horribly big day out in terms of time, but is great adventure.
  2. Bamforth Ridge. WTF? Yeah, I'd go back there in an instant. To stand a chance of a round-trip it'll require an earlier start, which means Friday night at MadDog's for everybody with a Sunday morning drive home. It's an almost guaranteed 12-hr trek - best done in good weather. But it's fresh in our minds, and if MadDog and I were able to sniff out the trail as well as we did yesterday we can certainly do it again. Be prepared for a test of will. Good practice for Bataan.
  3. Owl's Head, eastern bushwack. I forget the name of this route - g-$$$ told us about it and I've subsequently seen more references to it on VFTT. I'm sure it's so filled in with snow that we'd be high in the trees. Why bother with the long slog in and out? Dunno. Just thinking of MadDog's 48 and test of will. Ski in/out for those that have 'em.
  4. Hell Brook. Another Green Mountain favorite and surely one to make any sane man fall to his knees. But this late in the spring is bound to result in success. I mean, it's got to, right? MD and I have a 3-for-6 success rate I think. It's a logistical challenge for the boys from the south, but nothing that can't be overcome.
  5. Norcross Pond. Just a little variety thrown into the mix. Easy gradual approach followed by a steep ascent of something like 1,500ft (like a mini Falling Waters trail). Scenic views into the Pemi.
  6. Thoreau Falls. Long trek, flat approach, scenic views. Possible trampling by moose.
  7. Flume Slide To Liberty. Is this possible in winter w/ axe and crampons?
  8. Lincoln's Throat. tMail's suggestion for Flume Slide (see #7) sparked this one. This requires some good route decisions, but the bushwack in is just guesswork.
  9. ...
[Update 3/6/09, 10pm] All this talk and it's come down to me and tMail in Tuckerman's. We won't know the route until we talk to the USFS guys at the cabin. Stay tuned.


  1. Another idea and I have never done this might be the Flume Slide then head over to Liberty...two mountains on the ridege that we never touch...just a thought

  2. what days are you ladies available?

  3. Sat or Sun. as of wed morning forecast, sat is the day to be out (warm and sunny)... but obviously that can change.

  4. I will be going into a cave in King's Ravine for a night of survival

  5. Based on the current forecast for saturday, I think that long or high, we should get up to a higher elevation to get away from the slush and super-warm air. even on the bad boy it'll be mixed precip but it may cool off tonight.

  6. I'm out... staying south to take of car, dog, and body. Looks to be a beaut - the blue birds shouLD be chirping!

  7. no go gents. it's been a long week of battling some dreaded mutha disease and i still have it. off to see the docs tomorrow.