Weekend Plans: March 14th/15th

Okay boys: the weather forecast for this weekend, although it's still many days away (might as well be a month considering the difficulty in meteorological forecasting) things are looking REALLY great: a bunch of precipitation followed by several very cold days and nights. We could probably toss a grenade at this stuff and all it will do is punch a hole.

We're looking at fast travel at higher elevations, lots of places to stick an axe, etc.

What'll it be?

[Update 3/13, 6am] It's decided: High Adventure on Franconia Ridge. Possibly Lincoln's Throat, his Backbone or some other part of his anatomy. Departure time from east lot TBD.


  1. Saturday I can play, but need to be back in Jericho by 5pm.

  2. MadDog, any chance you can make Sunday (the nicer day)?

  3. I am 95% available on Sunday...I have to be back by Monday morning for work at 8am is that a problem?


  4. i will check about sunday. you guys should schedule it and if i can i'll join.

  5. I got the first of many saturday morning pool sessions with EZ-E coming up. May be available Sunday but probably going to get a long ride in and catch up on some work for the 9 to 5.