Radio Silence

Some number of days will elapse before the next great adventure. Probably more for tMail whose ACL & MCL injuries will keep him immobile for a month or so. This post will sit here as a placeholder while injuries heal. Onward & Upward! (And a haiku)

Short attention span
An internet avalanche
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  1. The silence must be broken...

    I did a little "Franc-Therapy" session today. Beautiful day out with mild temps, fair winds (35-45mph) on the ridge, and a bit of helicopter drama.

    I started out alone, around 8:30am, following footprints up Falling Waters but not ever catching the culprit in front of me.

    The crossings were flowing pretty good but nothing that led me to cry in my soup.

    Towards the top, about 45mins prior to the ridge line, the fresh snow tormented me. I was getting soaked with melt, the overhanging branches made the trail tough going, and the soft footing made for a slow go.

    Once I made the ridge, the wind was coming at a good clip and it was clear that the fresh snow was going to make for a easy day on the legs. It was that kind of new, squeaky snow that is totally easy on the feet and legs and is not tough to plow through.

    The sun was blasting but I needed to put on a mid-layer and wind block shell. And still, nobody to be seen.

    I got about 1/2 way across the ridge when I heard that eerie sound of a helicopter flying close but could not see it. Then, down in the "bowl" I spotted it, hanging in the air, "looking" at Lincoln's Throat, just hovering. Then it turned and started slowly following the Old Bridal Path, hovered for a long while over Layfayette, and then turned south and blasted by me. I started thinking the worst - someone got stuck in yesterday's 100mph winds, blowing snow, etc. and they are searching for them. Then, the chopper came north on the ridge line only tens of feet over my head, it was scary. They followed the trail up towards Layfayette again, hovered for a long while over a spot about 1/2 way up the peak, which immediately made me pick up my pace because I was sure they had spotted the injured/lost hiker. Then, they lifted up a hair and almost touched down higher on the peak. I really though they were going to hit a rotor on the mountainside. All of a sudden, they pulled back, lifted up, and zoomed down in the Pemi, headed towards Lincoln. I never saw or heard them again. Nor did I see any lost/injured hiker when I made it to their hover spot!

    I made my way up Layfayette to be greeted by a woman in spandex shorts, frantically searching in her backpack for her "rain" pants! She was getting ready for a cold walk across the ridge!

    Two seconds later, a man and his 8yr old son showed up in full cotton gear, but wearing fleece gloves. The son asked me immediately, "What's the fastest way down?" The father cut him off and wanted to know if the crossings on Falling Waters were dangerous... good parenting.

    I made my way down to Greenleaf and met two girls (seniors) from Bowdoin College who were doing the ridge. They gave serious hope to the thought that all females at huts are old raisins who are crazy.

    The OBP was slush central that proved too tricky for my feet in a few spots - twice I landed on my ass and once on my side. I was soaked from this and the continued melt in the tight trees. It would have been good to get my three "rodeo" moments on tape!

    Also, all day I had a running dialogue in my head regarding assholes and postholes. I decided that I am going to drop asshole from my vocabulary and start using posthole instead because it is less vulgar but holds the same negative connotation in my mind. Why?

    Postholes, like assholes can be hairy. They can be tight. They can be loose. They can screw up your life. They can be dirty or they can be clean. They can hurt you - figuratively and literally. They can be shallow or rhey can be deep. They can make you laugh and make you cry. If something drops in one, it comes out with shit on it. And so on... So, don't be a posthole.

    I missed the Bare Bait brotherhood today. It was a good day for reflection and clearing the head but I missed the TMail educational sessions on the economy, the MuthaZ educational sessions on everything, Mad Dog's constant interest in everything everyone's up to, and G$'s disappearing waistline, the war whoops and general life updates.

    It was a good day, it was needed, but it wasn't the same.

    Pics - http://picasaweb.google.com/puppetmaster64/FrancTherapyAndTheHelicopter#

  2. I forgot to add, drop what you are doing and buy yourself the "world's greatest winter hat." You will be offering me back room massages after you get one and wear it in the cold, wind, and snow.

    wHAT iS iT?
    Mountain HardWear Dome Perignon

  3. pm, that's a weird story! hopefully nobody's lost up there... possibly a training flight?

    i'm impressed by the new snow and by the lunatics on the trail - that poor kid. these spring conditions are sheer craziness. i put off heading up to hermit lake - may go up there on sunday (4/26).

    spandex shorts? wtf?

  4. PM....enjoying those last days at the current employer I see!

    Dome Perignon...hmm will have to take a looksee...probably too hot for me though.

    Not sure about the helo...not one of the NH State Trooper birds nor National Guard nor Forest Service nor local medevac....but it's got some kind of sensor under the cockpit (usually where an IR camera or high power spotlight would be) so who knows. Haven't see anything in the news about any SAR activity.