What's Next?

As we get back into the pace of our normal routines, the question arises: What's next? Well, while spring is slowly creeping back in down here in the valley, things are still cranking up high. In today's USFS avi bulletin I read that the rain made deep slush which is now frozen solid.

"The mountain has received quite a bit of rain lately as well as some
slushy snow. All of that water has now transformed to the frozen state and it isn't likely to get anywhere near the melting point today. The skiing conditions
are terrible and long sliding falls are a real concern. Bring crampons, an ice
axe and the ability to use these tools in order to safely travel in steep

Annual springtime hazards such as undermined snow, icefall, and
crevasses are becoming an issue. The weather for the rest could make each of
these hazards more problematic. That being said, the snowpack is holding up
pretty well and there is plenty of good skiing left in this season. Be aware of
your surroundings and take the time to identify potential hazards. The Little
Headwall is now impassable due to open water. There are ways to ski out of the
Bowl but they can be tricky. Either walk down from the Ravine to Hermit Lake on
the trail or expect some route finding adventures while traveling on an
undermined snowpack."

This means we need to head up to the ravines for some fun. The downside is that the forecast for this weekend is looking a little murky, although Saturday doesn't look too awful - maybe a little sprinkle down low and low visibility up high... but nothing to be afraid of.

There's also Friday 4/10 - (sun in the forecast)

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  1. Happy Easter All!

    May the men down this weekend heal well and quickly. I'm sure it is a doozy of a story!