Weekend of 4/2?

tMail is talking about getting up in the mountains on Saturday or Sunday (Sunday is currently looking much better in the forecast). The weather coming through over the next few days may be the determining factor, but if things are looking up (weatherwise) I could be talked into it.

My meniscus issue will be a bit of a challenge but I think I've got the compensating behavior figured out. I have a quick-release splint (velcro straps) that I use during yard work that will offer excellent pinkie-protection.

So, if conditions are favorable, where to? The PM's excellent Franconia Ridge adventure speaks highly of that destination, but he was just there so probably won't want to go back immediately. I have to go get the two axes they found at some point, which either means waiting for enough melt to reveal the remaining two or just going and fetching the two found so far. I'd be up for heading back up Dodge's to look for the axes and either finishing that trek or doing some self-arrest drills in Tucks. The avi's last weekend probably covered the axes w/ fresh snow, making their discovery less likely, but we know they're up there somewhere. Also, 'our' avi split into two routes as it approached the base of Dodge's and intersected Hillman's in two places - we ended up on the right branch (climber's right) so there could be axes under the left branch.

Massive snow melt, forecasted rain rain rain, and deep snow in the ravines could mean some route challenges.

MadDog said he's out of commission until mid-May. Anybody else available? Any ideas?


  1. sorry muthaz...once again I am under previously scheduled obligations for the next 3 weekends..I guess I just want to be like maddog...but jeezum...don't you need to let your body heal just a little?

  2. g-$$$, it's good weather to be home. it's mostly slush and mud in the high hills.

    heal a little? good plan. try telling that to my legs hmm, on second though, don't tell my legs anything. that's weird.