Hancocks Ho! and The Pizza Man

tMail, g-$$$, Westie, the PM & Raven hit the Hancocks:

tMail's Trip Report (Pics Here): What a great day on the Hancocks!

First pick up of the day was Westie, I knew there was an early issue because when I called him phone was off...I got a txt msg at 5.58am...."be there in 5"...Westie was there in 5 minutes jumped in my car and I was instantly drunk. Westie was hung over Tyler style, I could smell the Absolute Boston dripping from his veins. Westie went/passed out until Hookset where we picked up the money man G$$$. Westie passed out again until Lincoln.
  • It was then to the DD in Lincoln greeted by Riley, PM and Raven.
  • Next stop trail head.
  • Hike was great Westie hung on all day for dare life. The traverse up to Hancock was great real kick in the knee felt great....we hit the summit and had great views of Osceola's, Tri's, Chocorua.
  • On the summit Raven revealed that she is afraid of birds, the wind and has a fetish for smelling peoples dirty clothes like HH beanies and Darn Tough socks.
  • PM likes toad urine.
  • Riley likes anyones food.
  • G$$$ likes the war whoop.
  • Westie likes I mean loves booze.
  • Tmail loves river crossings.
  • We decided if we were a company and had to fire someone it would be Riley:
    - Not self sufficient.
    - Intimidates people.
    - Steals peoples food.
    - Can't talk.
    - People may be allergic to him.
    - He pukes all the time.
    - He could have fleas.
    - He wouldn't know the difference.
  • We had an awesome day hiking, great laughs, good conversation, great friends....Raven knocked down two more peaks....we hit Lincoln hard the Summit Shop and the Ice Cream joint.
  • Drive home Westie passed out again, pass out #3 on the day Hat trick!!!!
  • Great day G$$$, Raven, PM, Riley, Westie!!!!!
Gannett is on for 2010
The Puppet Master's Trip Report (Pics here): Good times indeed! I am glad Westie brought the hangover and not me this time!!
  • Riley is getting a lawyer and there is talk of Obama coming to the house to have a beer with the two of us to see if we can "be men about this."
  • Raven is digging tunnels in the backyard. She seems distant, like she's still fighting the war...
  • I heard G$ got screwed out of ice cream... SAY WHAT?!
  • I also saw a picture on www.rockstuds.com of Mad Dog in a man-kini (I threw up in my mouth.)
  • I hope MuthaZ sold some pies today.
g-$$$'s Trip Report: Yes...was good to get out on the trails and get humbled by the climbing prowess of my fellow adventurers. No introduction to Westie is complete without a solid g-$$$ war whoop but a good soak in the hot tub and the ankle is much better.

Not cheated out of ice cream today....just my little boycott of that god-forsaken excuse of a community known as Lincoln and saving the calories so I could share a scoop with EZ-E and the missus tonight.

Thanks for getting me off the bike and onto the trails. Now back to the family drama. Sounds like my BIL was involved in a fight and got pushed over the balcony, resulting in his C-5 paralysis. We're to get a copy of the police report tomorrow. Regardless if it's his fault or not, it's gonna be tough to turn things positive for him....yet we still must try.....the whole thing makes me f'in glad to be able to use the legs today, slow as hell or not.

Mutha manned the pizza oven. No summits today:
Mutha's Report: Sue and I volunteered to bake pizzas at our CSA 'Harvest Fest'. A group from NECI (New England Culinary Institute) created all the toppings from veggies from the farm, and I worked the wood-fired oven like a man possessed. Sue kept me fueled with beer, applejack and food and we went home happy, full, drunk and smelling like smoke. What a great day. Missed the mountains, but I passed out (Like WESTIE!!) when we got home and slept for 2 hours.

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