Shoal Pond/Thoreau Falls

The 9/19 Plan: Starting at the Willey Station House trailhead for the AT, trotted the Shoal Pond/Thoreau Falls loop clockwise. Trip reports will follow actually doing it, although there is a tentative plan to stop by the Scottish Fest at Loon Mtn.

Mutha's Trip Report (Pics Here):

  • Dave and I cranked out the miles and miles and miles. An easy route when hiked (barely do-able in a day if you walk it), but relentless when run. Gorgeous though - really gorgeous.
  • 22.5 miles, 2200ft of elevation, in sub-6 time - it amounted to about 4mi/hr (15.3 min pace). It doesn't sound that fast for such minimal elevation gain, but for some reason this hurt more than the pemi. Even my pains got pains.
  • The day was gorgeous, although a little cold. It was my first hike of the season entirely in a long-sleeve top. I wore gloves for the first hour or so, took them off and put them on a half hour later. It was brisk and breezy and the scenery was fantastic.
  • Most of the route is runnable or trottable, with quite a few exceptions (due to muddy or awkward footing). Why it took so long is hard to say. Last time it took me 7 hours. This time, 5:45. I honestly thought we could do it in 5. I think it's quite possible, but we both had injury flare-ups and I'm sure it slowed us down.
Most remarkable element to the day: Almost NOBODY out on such a fine day.
  • Parking Lot at the top of the Willey House Station Road: One guy with a dog.
  • All the way to the Wilderness Trail: nobody.
  • On the Thoreau Falls trail, a foot bridge conveniently crosses the North Branch. Down below, sitting on a tarp, deeply absorbed in writing something (didn't look up): one guy.
  • Thoreau Falls itself: nobody
  • Ethan Pond (AT) back to car: Two adults and two kids


  1. Awesome...plan today for me is 60 miles on the road bike....tomorrow another 50 with a RI group I use to ride with and then dinner with my parents...

    Gap Ride Training!!!

  2. Today I got in a sweet ride...I rode all the way out to the Ocean near Marshfield and Fieldston, riding out I have a nice 19.0 - 19.5 avg speed with some wind from behind on the way back it was 16.0 17.0 big head wind.

    The ocean was awesome, nice waves, nobody was on the beach and the water was as blue as the ski.

    Mutha nice job today...Thoreau Falls is awesome I need to get back on that trail.

    Above treeline must have been interesting today...I assume from ice on the rocks...wind must have been wiping.