Mt. Worcester

At about 3,300 ft, Mt. Worcester is high enough to afford an outstanding hiking experience. It's the second peak north of Mt. Hunger in the Worcester Range and while not a challenging hike, is dog-friendly, scenic and from top offers views of Mt. Mansfield and nearly 360° views.

The summit is mostly exposed rock w/ short fir trees and the top 5 minutes of the hike is over granite with huge quartz intrusions. It also appears to be such an obscure trail that it's rare to see anyone. We passed two couples on the way up and on the way down, but it appeared that they weren't heading to the summit - it was kind of weird.

Jake, Spanky & Trudy were all perfectly thrilled by this blue-bird day hike. We had lots of food at the top and spent a half hour or more chatting, eating and enjoying the day.

As an added bonus, I drove and Andy directed me 'the back way' though Woodbury, Calais, Kent's Corner and who knows where else. Those towns and roads make some of the greatest back-road bike riding in the region.

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