All Quiet on the Eastern Front (January Edition)

 Well, not much going on these days and I have to admit I'm pretty annoyed by the current status of my damned physiology.  I damaged myself so bad on that dang Moriah trek that it'll be weeks before I can hike.  Well, MadDog was out for a bit due to injury (and more to come?), tMail was out due to injury/surgery, g-$$$ was out due to injury/surgery, now I'm out.  Dang, that part sucks.

And tMail is emailing me links to detailed descriptions of Hellgate and Redrock bushwacks.  Dang!


  1. Don't f-ing BS us... you're never hurt or down and out. Rub some pickle juice on it and get back out there...

    Did a solo of Monadnock today. Short hike. I had never done it.

    In a nut shell...
    1) 40 cars in the lot at 10am
    2) Icy but barebooted the whole way up
    3) Windy on the Eastern ridge
    4) Only saw ~6 people on way up but saw ~15 on the way down.
    5) The summit was cool but ruined by j-holes who carved their tags into the rock
    6) Complete ice flows on the way down. Had to slap crampons on.
    7) Whole hike was 2hrs... barely worth the drive!!!


  2. I'll agree with the PM's assessment...Muthaz you didn't look hurt at all plowing our path up the backbone.

    My athletic highlight of Saturday was taking EZ-E to the local rink for his first foray on the ice. I told him that the PM will have to teach him how to skate because Daddy has no skills. Back, ankle, quads, shoulder....my body aches all over.

    Fark, I am getting old and grumpy.

  3. Skating = pain. The PM will certainly take up the slack. I'll send you the heel pics.