20070703 Wild River Valley

The tentative plan is for MadDog, the MPM and me to tramp around in the wilds. MadDog set the tone with:

"...a reasonable day out (in terms of hours) anywhere from 4-8. effort-wise/strenous i'd like something medium-to-well done. problem is i have no f'in idea how the knee will be...daily pain is triggered by shit that is 100% found in hiking, so i should be a lot of fun :-)"
Great. That sounds like a death march. I've never hiked in the Evans Notch/Wild River area so after trying out a number of loops the only route I came up with that was:
  • less than 18 and more than 10miles
  • minimizes the amount of downhill pounding
  • has runnable sections (pure guesswork)
is a 16mi round-trip from the Wild River campground, out to North/South Baldface and back - traversing the the Meader Ridge both ways (see map at right - green bullseyes mark route). I can't imagine it's rugged than the Presis and it looks like the only steep section is just north of Ragged Jacket. I haven't measured total elevation gain yet. I'm waiting for other suggestions from MadDog or the MPM.


  1. I am looking in to getting a campsite for me a fido. I am also trying to stave off the "you're going to make yourself sick" attack from the wife - Owls Head Fri, Blue Hills double traverse on Sunday and then a 10-20mile hike on Tues... what's the problem?

    Anyway, I will keep you posted with what I can manage.

  2. How'd the blue hills go? You are indeed a crazy bastard. That would be way too much for me. I could've done a long bike ride today, but I like two days min between *big* hiking events. You guys are certainly hardcore.

  3. MZ....tough day in the blue hills...it took a total of 4 hours we stopped a couple of times on the small hills to fuel up on food and hydrate we also stopped twice a total of 10-12 minutes (MPM what you think?) at the Blue Hills Headquarters getting water. Saturday I did nothing quads were a little sore but I laid around all day when I could and had my legs elevated with a message machine.

    The thing I took out of today was mentally I could keep pushing myself when having a sub par day...

  4. Does anyone have interest in doing the Pemi Monday the 16th? So that means I would sleep in the parking lot Sunday night wake up in the morning Monday...hike all fucking day Monday and then try to drive home Monday...


  5. The pemi's not that hard. The trick is trot lightly and to not push so hard you have to stop.