The Best Laid Plans of Mice And Men ...

... Oft gang awry. Or so the great poet Bobby Burns once said.

If you look at the previous post below ("Planning for Sunday"), you'll notice that the post itself is full of energy, inspiration, motivation, energy and enthusiasm. If you look at the comments, you'll see that things begin to fall apart. So what ended up really happening? I'd like to know for sure, but here's what I can figure out: The MPM was hung-over; tMail was running for Santa Rosalia or St. Anthony, or St. Mary's Feast or something; MadDog was buried under 6ft of marble or carving a monument to Zeus; g-$$$ was probably the only one who actually expended any energy.

And me? well, it turned out to be the perfect day. 80°F, dry air, clear blue skies with little white cumulus clouds, 5mph winds. I mowed the lawn, strapped the canoe on the car and Sue and I headed to Kettle Pond in Groton State Forest (just up the road from Ricker Pond). I loaded two roast-beef sandwiches and 6 bottles of beer in a cooler w/ a full bottle of SPF45 sunblock and we paddled around all afternoon drinking beer and drifting in the light breeze watching loons duck down and fish grab flies.

When I got back, I continued w/ the last of the Stellas on the shady side of the apartment deck (the kids have friends over in the house) and have just finished a sandwich. I'm ready for a nap.

Maybe some other day I'll expend all that energy.


  1. MuthaZ,
    Sounds like a near perfect day! Great pic too!

    I actually was up at 7am and off to play hockey for 1.5hrs - only took one puck of the foot today! Then, because it was so freakin nice, Amy and I took Big Boy to the park to run for an hour. It was great.

    I just got side swiped by the Dirty Frenchman's latest race note. 28mi to 30mi to now 33mi! How the F does one train for the everchanging race course? My goal has just shifted from compete to complete to compete to make the 1st cut off!!!

    I believe that I will be wearing a camel back and not the waist pack... I believe... but could change my mind at the drop of a hat.

    Food, fuel, food, sleep. It's all coming together... well, sort of!

  2. nope....g-$$$ bailed too.

    Evan slept in until 745AM but was grumpy as all hell. With dad even grumpier about best laid plans going to hell in a handbasket I took solace in watching a great stage of the Le Tour......and did a hour and change with the kid in the back pack carrier so it wasn't a total wash.

    I have to pack for a 6AM flight to New Orleans. See you up at Jay on Friday. I'll get some updates to MPM's messages later on.

  3. that guys emails confuse the hell out of me, instead of words there are symbols...i can't read his lingo so is there no drop bag now...fuck it 28 miles 30 miles 33 miles it's all the same...i invision scenes from Braveheart and Gladiator...as well as scenes from the two discovery shows I shouldn't be alive and man vs. wild.

    as maximus says in Gladiator "if we stick together we have a much better chance of surviving"