Planning for Sunday

The MPM and I are tossing around a few ideas, but with the Jay Challenge looming, many questions remain. It's been raining hard for two days and more rain in the forecast today and into tomorrow. Sunday appears to be the day to go out.

In the meantime, the trip tMail and I took into the Dry River Wilderness is now on YouTube and includes never-before-seen footage of tMail not giving a damn about getting his damn feet wet, dammit.

Behold: The YouTube Link.

Update 7/21 - Proposed Hikes for Tomorrow. Can't decide between miles, elevation and speed:

  1. Moosilauke, The Hard Way: Beaver Brook cliff-climb to Summit; Carriage/Snapper Trail down to Lodge; Merrill Loop and Asquam Ridge back up and descend again via Beaver Brook Trail. (15.4mi)
  2. Thoreau Falls, The Long Way: From Zealand Road, Hale Brook to summit of Mt. Hale; Lend-A-Hand to Zeacliff to Thoreau Falls. Return via Ethan Pond/Zealand. (14.0mi)
  3. Mt. Jefferson, The Painful Way: Caps Ridge (not Castle Ridge) to Jefferson; descend Six-Husbands; return via Great Gulf but ascend ravine on Sphinx Trail and return via Caps Ridge. (10.2mi). Optional Painful Enhancement: return via Great Gulf up the Great Gulf Headwall and bang back on the Gulfside Trail (13mi).
  4. Mt. Cardigan, The Fast Way: This mtn is covered in a tangle of trails so the route described requires following along on a map. The route hits the following named summits in this order: Cardigan, RimRock, South Peak & Firescrew (10.8mi). It consists of the following elements:
  • Woodland/Cathedral Forest warmup loop to Holt Trail
  • Mad scramble up exposed ledges to summit via Holt Trail
  • Ridge-top loop out to Rim Rock and south Peak and back to Cardigan
  • Ridge-top run to Firescrew, w/ short side trip to the "Grotto" (no idea, just saw it on the map).
  • Long woodland return via Mowglis and Back80 trails.
Still thinking ...


  1. MZ another great video great stuff...

    Saturday I am doing a 5.5 mile road race haven't decided what gear I am going to use...leaning towards cruise control...

    Sunday I will be in RI with my family for the St. Mary's Italian Feast.

    If you guys go hiking be careful don't need any injuries...

    Stay in touch...


  2. I'm playing around with the idea of ticking off Tecumseh on Sunday. At this rate it'll be another year before I finish that bi-atch so no better time than the present.

    I know you guys have the Jay race to prep for so I don't want to put a kink into that....But my thinking is that if the weather is decent (and the forecast says sunny and 70s) I was going to bring Evan in the kid carrier and take a shot at Tecumseh. It may be a crap shoot as he may sleep the entire time or we may get 10 mins up the trail, he throws a fit and I'll need to turn around.

    Lisa is planning on heading to visit a friend and her newborn baby so I could leave Evan with her if you guys decide to do something a little less 15-month old friendly.

    Let me know what you guys think?

  3. g-$$$, i don't have a specific plan yet for sunday (ostensibly with the MPM). but i'm shooting for big distance in anticipation of next weekend (15-20 miles) and indeed the weather is looking fine, but it would be great to see you again. i gotta stare at the map some more...

  4. mz, no worries.

    mpm told me you were thinking of a long day out. but I know even if I go sans kiddo I couldn't hang with you guys for that kind of distance at your pace.

    let me know what you guys end up doing. when I spoke to mpm last night he wasn't sure what was going to be on the plate.

  5. I'm not against a decent day out but don't want to try and hammer too hard prior to next weekend's love fest. Any of the trails you mention look okay to me with the exception of Jefferson... fuck that rock pile!

    I also would not mind accompanying G$ and E$ up Tecumseh for his final 48th bump. It's a short one but we could add some miles at the end by running up the flats towards the As-e-holas or Tri-Pyramids.

  6. By the way... teh video is killer!!! Laughed my ass off at the reverse splash of t-mail through the brook and the chanting at the end.

  7. Thanks, the videos are fun to make. I'm pretty ambivalent about tomorrow. I'm even fine doing just Tecumseh w/ g-$$$ & e-$$$. I'll be doing one more big trip either mon or tue and then resting up for the rest of the week doing nothing at all - maybe going for a walk. I'll leave it up to you. My picks from the list are 2 & 4 (Thoreau Falls & Cardigan).

  8. After looking at the forecast, I think I have to make tomorrow be my big hike day. While the front coming through on Monday and Tuesday doesn't look horribly threatening in terms of total inches of precipitation, the associated lightening is for me a 'no go'. So as much as I'd like to do Tecumseh I think I have to pass. Also, Jill has summer horse clinic Tuesday through Friday and I'm sharing driving and horse logistics w/ other parents.

  9. Wait, I may be doing tecumseh with you after all ... post your plans here.

  10. M-Z,
    I am going to head out of Exeter before 8 and be at Waterville Valley ski area by 10A. Obviously with 35 pounds on my back, (his 25 lbs, and then 5-10 lbs worth of gear/food/fluids for the two of us I am opting for the short trail and a steady but moderate pace.

    The only variable is how he is in the morning. If he wakes up cranky I may not get out on time and get there a tad later. Feel free to check with me on my mobile.

    As much as we'd love the company, it's only Tecumseh and (at least for me, the shortest route at that) so don't feel obligated to drive all the way over to Waterville. It may be ambitious as I don't know how he'll react. He's been on 1.5 hour hikes with me in the woods around the house but not for 4 hours on a 4000ft'er. As much as I had grand plans to celebrate the 48th in style, it just doesn't have the same level of meaning to me as the 50 highpoints. When I finish those, there will be one hell of a party.