Franconia Ridge Loop: Sub-3

You heard it here first, sports fans:

  • Car To Little Haystack via Falling Water: 1:09 (beat old PR by 6min)
  • Little Haystack to Lafayette: 0:31
  • Lafayette to Car: 1:16
Total Time: 2:56 (beat old PR by 19min). Click on graph to see details.

Now I'm sure you monsters could hump this little fucker in less time, but this isn't about you. The plan was sub-3 and the mission was accomplished. But there were some noteworthy elements:
  • With all the rain, the brook coming down Falling Water was HUGE! I've never seen so much water coming down there. The crossings were sketchy, but not all that bad - I didn't get wet and didn't have to hunt for a way across. But to give you an idea, think of the little alpine bog just before you get to Greenleaf Hut. Normally, there are a few stones and you're done. Today, it had rushing water flowing over half the stones.
  • I had breakfast today, but didn't get to the trail until 11:30. All I brought was my little black diamond pack, 2L of water and 1/2 hammer-gel squeeze bottle... and a change of socks which I didn't need. I finished the water on the approach to the parking area.
  • I had done a 12mi run yesterday and was feeling a little low-energy - and the hammer-gel bothered my empty stomach.
  • In spite of the tremendous rain, the trails were in pretty good shape. While I have to admit that foot placement was a bit constrained compared to dry weather, it would be pushing it to say that the wet ground affected my time more than a few minutes. On the way up I was able to maintain 50ft/min ascent rate for the full ascent (except for the beginning flat part) and was limited by physical capability. On the way down I was slowed by my own need to hold back. I've seen MadDog jump this stuff at twice the speed.
All in all it was a great day out. Time to beat: 2:56. I'm counting on you guys to hit 2:30. My next goal is 2:45 and the only place I can make up the time is on the way down from Lafayette. Maybe in dry weather I can pick up the pace.


  1. hit 2:30 tMail. I'll be 15 minutes behind you.

    Oh yeh, and after I got back to the car, I walked back up to the brook and sat in the water. It was rushing so hard I had to hold on to keep from being washed downstream. But right where the trail from the parking lot first meets the brook is a nice little pool... cold ... but excellently refreshing.

  2. good stuff MZ.....so what are you yearning for, for tomorrow?

  3. I'm going back to the comment thread on the previous post ("Bastille Day"). See you there.