August 11: Another Quiet Night on the Town

Sue and I are heading out to Minnesota on business for the weekend. It's been raining hard up here, with maybe only a brief break in the clouds in the forecast for Thursday. The "Hut-2-3-4" is still a month away, which leaves plenty of time for adventure ... but not this coming weekend for mutha.

The Bushwack

Our mud-caked legs cast no shadows.
The rain-soaked forest and tangled marsh,
Fermented under hazy skies & thunder.

Wasps seemed born from the mud and heat
And from each hurried pull
That always nearly left us breathless, shoeless.

And after our passing, no doubt,
The marsh and wasps settled down,
And the beavers continued to ignore their long-abandoned dam


  1. Yeah HUT 2-3-4....

    It's in the locker
    O Yeah
    with a shot of vodka
    O Yeah

    It's on your chin
    O Yeah
    with a shot gin
    O Yeah

    It's in your ear
    O Yeah
    with a case beer
    O Yeah

    It's up in heaven
    O Yeah
    with the seagram seven
    O Yeah

    It's down in hell
    O Yeah
    with the musketell
    O Yeah

    It's in the grass
    O Yeah
    Up the HUT 2 3 4 ass
    O Yeah

    Stonehill College Soccer locker room booze cheer after we won...you subsite the end with whoever we beat then go drink your face off....

    What has everyone been doing for training? I have been running and that is about it 7-10 miles...not really pushing myself. I have a wedding this weekend, then I am back up to Lake George the following weekend with a scheduled hike 5-6 hours around Lake George. I am going to try to hit the Blue Hills for a double traverse.

    Keep me posted...

    MZ and Sue enjoy Minnesota...


  2. i haven't gone much since Jay. I have a meeting tomorrow with a prospective client in Lower Waterford, which isn't far from Franconia, so i may try a speed loop on the ridge. not much else going on. ... may pick up the pace in a week or two. keep me posted if you want to do a pemi loop for training.