Shaving More Hair Off Franconia: 2:46

Okay, it's not the full Brazilian (2:45), nor an honorary Brazilian since it was technically 2:46:48, but there are only a few stubborn little hairs left and this shaved 3 minutes of my previous PR (2:49).

On the one hand I'd like to blame my lingering tonsilitis, some bad chicken salad (I belched chicken & mayo on the ascent) or the stabbing pain that shot up my inside right lower leg - I think it's my flexor digitorom longus (on my right leg, it runs up along the left edge of my shin and seems to cause pain when I roll off of my big toe). But to be honest, I think that's all I had in me.

Like last time, I knew I was making good time when it seemed like I was moving through molasses. If I could descend like MadDog, I'd have this baby wrapped up in 2:30.

Click on the graph to see details in lovingly rendered splendor. The 'slow' run was actually two runs ago (my first sub-3) because I didn't have the data from the last run (I had to change the battery on my watch). Note that Franconia Ridge didn't drop 25ft in elevation between July 12 and Today. It's just a calibration problem w/ a barometric altimeter when atmospheric pressure changes during a run.

Gear details: lumbar pack, 28oz water, 1 Hammergel pack (Espresso), 3 eCaps.

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