Shaving The Hair Off Franconia Ridge: 2:49

Okay lads, I set a new PR this afternoon, 7min faster than last time. I dropped Jill off at the barn, had my stuff in the car and made a beeline for Falling Water. I started my watch at 2:15 and was back at the car at 5:04. That's 2:49 for the 8.6 mile loop including around 4000ft of elevation gain. The bar has been raised. Some details:

  • I did the loop with only 28oz of water (in my Alterra lumbar pack) and a single Hammergel packet ("Espresso").
  • No iPod, no poles, no gear, no spare clothes, no first-aid kit, no food (other than single Hammer Gel packet). I didn't even wear sock liners - just smartwool socks.
  • I haven't done a minute-by-minute analysis yet (courtesy of Suunto), but I made it to the summit of Little Haystack in 1:07 - a full 8 minutes faster than last time. Actually, the 8 minutes shaved was on the way up to where the trail to Shining Rock splits off. It took me 1:03 last time, and only 0:55 today.
  • I guess I didn't make up any additional time elsewhere, but I felt like I really humped it. It only took me about 20 minutes to make it from Little Haystack to Lafayette summit. I'll get the exact timings later.
  • Injuries: I have a swollen egg and broken blood-vessels just above my left knee where I ran into a cutoff branch at full speed on the way up. On the way down, I hyperextended my left foot twice in an ankle-cranking wrench-fest. I have to fly to Minneapolis tomorrow and that sucker will probably swell.
  • The official time was from the parking lot, round-trip, right where that little paved path starts up the hill (on the 'sidewalk') by the big sign - not car-to-car - which probably saved me 30sec.
  • I carried on the tMail tradition of going for the big soak. I went back to the car, changed into sandals, rehydrated, and hiked back to the brook. Complete immersion. Ahhhhhh.


  1. MZ...my hat is off to you...world class effort...

    "Endurance, Mind, Integrity"

  2. MadDog's warning not to obsess over timings is a good one. But this loop is my only vice. I figure since I don't run competitively I can cut myself a little slack in the "shave-off-another-minute" department.

  3. MuthaZ,
    Great stuff... too fast for me and Riley the Dog!!!

    In terms of training, I have just started running the trails behid the house again - 40mins yesterday and 50mins today.

    We did go up Mansfield last weekend, did a long ridge loop and that felt pretty good. Treadmill and I decided that Mansfield/Stowe ski area will be our premier training grounds for the 2008 Jay race.

    Blue Hills double? What are we training for?!! Do you still have 50 in yur head?

    Sept 8th - is this set in stone for the Pemi Loop?

    Also, camping/expoloring the Green River Reservior (in VT) that following weekend?

  4. Sept 8th is set, but there's some disagreement over Pemi vs. Hut-2-3-4. I'm split. And I'm on for the GRR the following weekend.

  5. Pemi? Hut 2-3-4? Jay 2008? I suggest you boys get your heads on straight. We've got a big 5K coming up in a few weeks. Forget all these long expeditions. Get out there and start turning those legs over. Think short and fast, hammer, hammer, hammer! Sub 20 minutes all around!

  6. sub 20 5k? oh man - you're so hard-core, treadly. i haven't tried running fast since the spring. i don't think i have time to develop the fast-twitch muscles. i'll probably just jog it.

  7. MPM...I just want to be in good shape for Hut to Hut or Pemi...I am going to take off September 7th, 2007.

    Spungie called me the other day told us we all did awesome at Jay. He also wanted to know if some of us want to do that Diamond Hill Race and he got me thinking about the Vermont 50 next year.

    Bottom line I am borderline nuts and just like torturing myself...


  8. You're not borderline nuts, you *are* nuts. Tell spungie his breath smells like balls.