Psychic Hangover

tMail and I have exchanged a few emails about this, but in spite of some high-energy sporadic activity (his Adirondack immersion experience and my Franconia 'shaving', for example), we seem to be experiencing what I feel is a psychic hangover from Jay. I won't put words in his mouth so this is really just my take on it, but in contrast to the two-month physical recovery typical of my road marathon experiences, Jay seems to have taken a psychic, rather than physical toll that is not to be underestimated.

It's hard to tease apart from other things going on (flying out to Minnesota, taking on new clients, things getting busy, etc.) but I do feel like it's a hangover from Jay - mostly because it started at Jay. What is "it"? As tMail sort of phrased it, we have energy, no identifiable pains or aches ... kind of a weariness of spirit - like a motivational deficit. But I will say it's dimming as the days pass. I'm convinced it's related to the fact that the Jay race was a pinnacle of achievement for me, so going for a 6 mile run around the block seems kind of lame.

On the other hand, I'm totally pumped to shave 4 more minutes off Franconia to hit the 2:45 target. Maybe that'll put some hair back on my chest.


  1. I was thinking more about it today as well feel like I am limbo. I usually have things I am training for etc...etc. I know the Pemi or HUT 1234 is coming up...I think I am in shape for it...not really sure. I guess I just don't really know where to go with my training, I am done with triathlons for the summer my goal was 1 I did it. I finished Jay which was my "A" event of the summer. So now I am like "duh" what do I do now. Somedays my body is telling me to rest but mentally I am like "have to train, have to train" I know I am not 100%, I was starting to think something was wrong with me...but MZ confirmed he is feeling the same way. I did 7 miles today no watch to HR monitor felt good no issues. I don't know I can't answer I guess I just feel kind of BLAH...maybe getting away this weekend back up to Lake George will help have small hike planned. I think maybe once the Pemi or Hut 1234 gets finalized it will ingnite a spark in me.

  2. I've also had really bad allergies - which is rare for me. I might actually have gotten sick from the plane (it hurts when I swallow). A week from now, things will be different!

  3. 1) Planes suck ass. All they are is tubes full of exhaled coffee breath and viruses waiting to penetrate your nasal cavities and soul.

    2) Running for fun is like dancing with a mop - what's the fucking point?

    3) The Jay hangover is real and it hurts. The memories, the pride of achievement, the reinvigorated sense of confidence, the want to do better/more... it's all there. And the question remains and burns on the mind - what's next? It's a sickness or a curse. I am sure we'll shake it but probably by coming up with some giant adventure plan for something. The hut 2-3-4 or the Pemi may help stave off the mind burn?

  4. No more bellyaching boys...get out there and HAMMER! I want to see you guys take the top three spots in Jay next year...and then turn around and run it backwards!

    Just kidding, a post race hangover is normal. Enjoy some extra days of rest and relaxation while you can. Take your wives and girlfriends on extra dates and buy them presents with your surplus of spare time (especially you Puppet Master!) Then just pick a new adventure to train for and your bodies and minds will magically be rejuvenated!

  5. Hey, did anyone else hear a voice just now? It sounded like a faint chirping or squeaking. Is it...? Can it be...? YES! It's TREADMILL! The Voice Of Reason!

    Thanks V.O.R., you just put the hair back on my chest.