Hut-2-3-4: Logistics

I've created this blog entry for just the logistics (food, gear, etc.). I've pasted MadDog's first list below, along with some additions of mine. Post any additional suggestions in the comments section and I'll add to the list here as we go.

UPDATE: New additions to this post are going to be highlighted in colors for a day.


  • MD: rain cancels. wah wah wah, no need to fuss with battling cold temps and hypotherm conditions. the mountains aren't going anywhere.
  • MZ: the current forecast is for this extraordinarily great period of weather to persist until the end of the week, followed by stormy weather for our hike. I'll be the first to bail out.
  • MD: i'm guesstimating 10,000 cals burned, divide by for cals i can ingest and then divide by 2 for what i carry and then stash the other half at crawford. Bring money - some for hut goodies (i regret this big time when we did the pemi). pb and crackers, prosciutto, cubed cliff bars, gel shot, dried cocoa packets, dried soup, some expensive chocolate.
  • MZ: ditto on stashing tons of stuff at Crawford Notch. I over-packed food on the pemi, but didn't really regret it. food weighed a lot though. We'll have lots of water sources on the trail at the huts. I'm bringing water pump and 2L camelbak and nalgene for pump and just having extra thing to carry. i'm big on snacking frequently and having sandwich from time to time to break up monotony of snack food. I plan on having large cooler w/ ice at Crawford w/ chocolate milks, sandwiches, etc.
  • PM: Hammer flasks (2), snickers, food to stash at Crawford and at end (powdered donuts).
  • TM: Hammer flasks (2), PBJ, dark chocolate, Powerbars, Gatorade Endurance, eCaps, no HEED.
  • MD: bottom is g-$$$ rei pants, helly hansen long legs, top will be helly base layer, 200weight something for mid layer, extra light rain shell, beenie, gloves, change of socks, montrail ridge runner.
  • MZ: light wind-breaker pants or shorts, techwick top. in pack: long-sleeve techwick, tights, fleece cap, beanie, cap w/ visor, light gloves, light precip shell, fleece vest, mid-layer, 2 changes of socks & liners. at crawford: second pair of shoes, extra and redundant base layers, more socks.
  • TM: Vasques at Crawford, Injinjis (4 pr), Marmot Precip, NO WINTER SHELL.
Personal Gear:
  • MD: compass, map, batteries, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss (doubles as suture mat'l), tp, shades, crotch lube, lightweight pack, knife, nalgene, poles, 2-gallon drums of ibruprofen, skate pad for the bum axle. Bring money - some for hut goodies (i regret this big time when we did the pemi).
  • MZ: also, headlamp, backup headlamp, mini-flashlight, closed-cell foam pad, water pump, bandaid/blister/ducttape kit, 55gal contractor trash bag, several 13gal trash bags for wet/sweaty clothes, tp. am shrinking pack considerably for traveling lighter - not using winter pack after all.
  • PM: MSI water filter stick, 3L camelbak
  • TM: Also 3L Camelbak, Nalgenes
Team Gear:
  • MD: stove (pm has it), sleeping bag (MD, unless someone has a light one) to stablize an injured hutter, pad, rope/slings??, sense of humor other stuff?
  • MZ: MSR pump filter, 10m climbing rope, antacid.
  • PM: Jetboil + fuel, sporks, bivvy/light bag, MSI water filter stick/pen, 2 slings w/ biner.
  • TM: Extra set of poles
Other Notes:
  • MZ: We'll need large vehicle at end to get back to other cars. Need to spot MD's (or my) car at Crawford w/ stash in case he needs to head to hospital or something. I intend to do a fast change at Crawford (unless we have injuries) in order to minimize the chances I opt to just take a nap in the car and bag the rest of the hike.
  • MZ: Our current plan for cars is for the PM to pick up TM at the 9-mile Brook Trailhead on 16 (leaving TM's truck), then pick up MZ or MD at Crawford Notch (leaving a car), then on to the motel. On the way back after hike, we can pick up the Crawford Notch car.
  • MZ: Start Time: How about 4:30am Saturday at the trailhead? Sunrise is 6:15 (as seen from Cannon summit)? That would give us 1:45 to get to the summit for sunrise.
  • MZ: Getting to The Greenleaf Trail from the Kinsman Ridge Trail (From The Guide): "From the [Cannon Mtn Tramway] parking lot, the trail follows a sidewalk through the parkway underpass, turns left and follows the northbound ramp for 25 yd., then turns right across a ditch into the woods (sign)." I'm not bringing The Guide, so somebody remember this.


  1. Holy shit... it's scary how efficient our lists have gotten. In my head I had tallied everything that you guys captured in writing! This may be a sign that we are due to write a book? Just a thought.

    I'll have all the gear you list for clothes and food. I will also have a jet boil stove and can carry either a light bag or bivy bag for emergency.

    Lows on the peaks will be in the 30's and at night we'll be moving slow. With that said, I'll be packing a heavy fleece/synthetic jacket to stave off any late night chills. Anyway, here it is somewhat captured in discernable detail...

    PM: Money - some for hut goodies
    and some to eat.
    Cheese/crackers/prosciutto, bars, hammer flasks X2, dried cocoa packets, dried soup, chocolate/snickers, sandwiches, etc. I will have a mid-way stash ready for Crawford too.

    3L camelbak w/insulated hose and extra nalgene (likley empty unless warm beverage inside). MSI water purifier stick/pen thingy.

    PM: bottom is g-$$$ rei pants/mammut pants, top will be helly base layer, heavy fleece/synthetic layer for top, extra light rain shell and pants, light beenie, fleece hat, gloves, change of socks, trail runners/light boots. Extra layers/changes in pack will include tights and base layer top. Ball cap will be out in the day - if weather permits!

    Personal Gear:
    PM: compass, map, batteries, tp, shades, lightweight pack, knife, poles, strong headlamp & backup headlamp, closed-cell foam pad, bandaid/blister/ducttape kit/med pack

    Team Gear:
    PM: JetBoil and fuel, 2 sporks, bivy sack/light bag (40F), 2 long slings w/biner - to carry someone if need be!

    Other Notes:
    Supposedly there may be another guy (lives in NH) joining us. I'll keep you posted.

  2. Weather:

    Are we going to make last minute decision?


    I am going with Hammer Gel Flasks (2) along with Powerbars, Extra Dark Cocoa Bars (4), PBJ's, I am not going with Heed, I decided I don't like it I am going with Gatorade Endurance with that said I have half a jug of Heed for you guys. I will also have packets of Perpetual, Ecaps. I am going to have a cooler as well in a vehicle at Crawford notch with clothes back up Vasque's. I plan on having some soda in there as well.


    Similiar to what everyone is bringing except I think I am going to be in shorts most of the time. I am going to bring tights, leg warmers used for cycling, Marmot precip pants with full zip act as wind proof and water proof. I am bringing my orange Marmot and Grey Colorored Marmot Precip with ventilation for the armpits. I am NOT bring my Mountain Hardwear jacket used in winter does anyone disagree with that? I will have hats gloves etc etc. I am bringing all of my Injinji socks I have about 4 pairs.

    Personal Gear: I am posing some quesitons...how many compasses do we need, along with maps? I will have a 3L camelbak with 1 nalgene. I can not for the life of me figure out what pack to bring I am thinking my Osprey. When you guys mention lightweight pack how big are these packs? Headlamp, batteries, trashbags.

    Team Gear: I can bring another set of poles in case someone's break, we need them to stablize a leg etc...etc...I am willing to carry stuff as well.

    Other Notes: Does anyone have Friday off? I am willing to spot my truck at the end. Does anyone want to share a room with me. There is no way I can attempt to drive home or will...I have been ordered by the powers above me do not drive home sleep in NH.

    I will be on the blog all day...

  3. tmail,

    my pack is my adventure racing pack, lightweight and 1/2 the capacity of my full-out winter pack.

    definitely bring your own analog compass and map, you never know.

    i'm off on friday too. i may end up packing the finishing touches in the morning and then plan to be on my way noonish. i hope to swoop up mutha - but need to work that out. so staging your truck would be good. my prius is probably the smallest and least flexible for storage but if i drive, we'll stash it crawford. fri night i'm looking for a comfy place to put up. i don't mind sharing a bed, low cost, no frills is good. suggestions?

    i'm wanting to splurge...you guys interested in splitting the cost of a massage therapist for an hour to meet us at the end, and maybe with some pizza, for a leg/foot rubdown? i'll work on getting one if i get the nod.

    good call on the no-drive. i may need to do the same but will make it at the last minute.

    i'll also bring a blister kit.

  4. MD,

    If you and MZ drive and drop my truck at the end someone will have to pick us up at Crawford notch in order to leave your car there. I will circle back with you regarding a place to rest our head on Friday night I think I have the place Above the Notch Motor Inn near the junction of 302 and 3 near Twin Mountain or whatever it is called, it is near that place we pulled in for bathroom and some food before you me and mz did bad boy.

    I will splurge that is fine with me.

    the place where we crash sunday night i will probably just show up to and check in not going to make reservations for that part of the adventure.


  5. I'm ready as of noon on Friday. What's the benefit of getting to the motel early? I think if we plan on getting there by 4pm or thereabouts that would give us time to go out to dinner and do last minute packing.

    How about this: the PM heads north and picks up tMail at Rte 16 finish (leaving tMail's truck at the nine mile brook trailhead), then picks up MD in Crawford Notch (leaving MD's car there) and all three meet MZ at motel and we use the PM's vehicle from that point on until our morning start.

  6. MZ sounds good...let me speak with MPM regarding your suggestion...and we will also have to coordinate with MD.

    MZ how do you want to coordinate the motel, the important piece is we will have to just confirm with them the cancellation policy so we do not get hosed.

  7. i guess we also need to hear from the PM about his buddy to get a head count. i think we should just get a couple of rooms for friday night w/ an early morning departure. if i need to nap on sunday before leaving, i'll just sleep in the car.

  8. Yes we need to hear from the PM...

    I have the directions to teh Greenleaf Trail memorized and attached to my map...so there will be no questions how we get on the trail.

    4:30am sounds like an excellent start time I vote YES.

    Last night while packing I added a very thin Barcalava to my assortment of things in case it is on the summits or in the evening or for emergency purposes for a injured hutter. I will also be bringing my glasses for a night and hard case to put them in. I will also leave 4 towels in my truck for us to towel off...does anyone want anything specific in my truck for when we are done this death march, let me know and I can do my best to accomadate regarding food and drinks (non perishables)

  9. tmail, i'd a box of white powdered donuts. so it's crap i never eat, except in these conditions. i'm still working on someone for the rub 2-3-4.

    anybody packing antacid?

    hey mutha, btw -
    nice fricken job doing all the details on the blog, and crap. it's unbelievably helpful, and we all appreciate it.

    i'll be practicing my power naps on the trail, like the pemi.

    i'm off to stockpile a few zzzz. goodnight ladies.


  10. my pleasure. now if only we could figure out the motel thing....

    PM - what's the 411 on the buddy?

  11. MD donuts coming your way...

  12. MZ,

    The motel I mentioned Above the Notch Moter Inn seems to be located somewhat in the center of this great adventure and we have to drive by it coming back from RT 16.

    I think it is best to get the room for Friday night with early departure Saturday morning and to have it for Sunday with a late check out for Monday. I am 100% going to sleep in the motel Sunday.

    That is my thought, I have AAA card so they may take the discount we can do that at the front desk.

  13. In an attempt to handle ALL these f-ing questions...

    1) Pack is ~2500 cu inches or 40/45L. Roughly 1/2 size of winter pack. Lightweight.

    I'm likley stuffing all my important shit in a garbage bag/dry sack in the event of rain. Food, etc will all be in ziplocs.

    2) Stashing cars on Fri sounds good. I have to work a 1/2 day and can be North by 3/4pm - will that work?

    3) My buddy will meet us along the way on Saturday (or will try to), he's a non-factor in the planning for hotels and cars. He will hike some and then backtrack to his car. Nate G also pussed out... surprise, surprise.

    4) Compasses - I have a wrist compass and one regular one in my bag. This is overpacking for the entire group! We won't have 4 compasses fail... and you'll have at least 2 people on board who trust them (ha!)

    5) I have the stove + utensils for 2, bivy sack, slings, and water purifier stick.

    6) No need for extra poles - lose the weight. If someone breaks a leg we will sacrifice a set of poles.

    7) Lucky 7

    8) Fuck 8

    9) Nine, nine I forget what nine is for...

    10) The countdown begins.

  14. i have no interest in sleeping sunday night at the motel. i've got a class to teach monday (8am) and maddog has one too. i might nap for an hour or two but then we'll have to head back, regardless of the time.

  15. Puppetmaster that works, regarding the time that you can be North, I will call you tonight I was thinking we can meet at the Park and Ride and follow each other up. We will just have to tell Maddog what time to be at Crawford Crotch...

    MZ if you make motel reservations please reserve a room for Sunday night for late check out Monday...


  16. I thought you were making reservations. Hey, who's bringing the water? We're fighting which side? Bullets? Wait, which way's north?

  17. Okay I made the reservations here is the breakdown:

    Above the Notch Motor Inn reservations made with Mary.

    Friday Check in for Saturday early morning departure, I booked two rooms with two beds in each room. The cost is $88.00 dollars PER ROOM plus tax. I also booked a room checking in Sunday for late departure Monday if anyone wants to rest their head Sunday for a little bit. I will be staying there Sunday night, Puppetmaster, MD, MZ all are welcome stay a little the entire time don't care.

    So the rooms are taken care of...

  18. Ha! I just got back to my office and set about trying to find the motel.... was googling "franconia notch motel". The results included "above the notch resaurant at cannon view motel". I was confused. Thanks tM. Good work. The Lord will reward you in heaven... I'm a little short on cash ...

  19. Latest Forecast: From saturday morning through sunday evening, warm, overcast, showery weather - no more mention of thunderstorms. If I had to call it, I'd say it'll be pretty nice although saturday night we'll have to hope the showers pass us by.