Hut-2-3-4: Timing & Water

I was mulling over the problem of water stops and timing in general and decided to create another post about it. I'm pretty confident that the huts themselves will give us an adequate water supply for hiking with 2L between huts. I think the last jaunt between Lake of the Clouds and Carter Notch will be the hardest because there's probably no water on Wildcat Ridge. But when we cross 16 after Glen Boulder we also cross the Ellis River, so we can fill with pumps there, although I don't know how hard it is to get down to the water.

Timing-wise, I think we should anticipate hitting Zealand Hut by nightfall (approx mile 23). If we can get there earlier, great. But if not that means we have to climb the 2.7 mile A-Z trail in the dark. The footing is a bitch (roots, big rocks, etc.). If tMail wants to hit Tom, it'll be in the dark but it's such a short side trip (1.2 mi round-trip) that it'll be worth getting it off the list and it's followed by the descent down the rugged Avalon Trail to the car in Crawford Notch.

Or we can save it for a Willey Range run later in the year or next year.

Lastly, because of the likely overcast/fog on Eisenhower/Monroe, we should anticipate slow-going once we get above treeline. The Crawford Path is pretty easy to follow, but not in dense fog. If the visibility is poor it will also mean a late onset of twilight due to cloud cover - although sunrise from the bare ridges around Boott Spur would be cool.

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  1. Grundel burn rocks...

    Great adventure. To many thoughts to capture in the short time I have so I will commit to write more tomorrow. I will also forward my pics to MuthaZ for posting.

    Alpaca socks are bullshit.