Wonalancet, Hibbard, Passaconaway, Whiteface

Wow, what a beautiful blue sky. It was a terrific day to log a dozen miles or so in the Whites... or more if you don't see trail junctions. Wonalancet was nice - a lovely trail through the woods - and the switchbacks up Hibbard gave us a little variety and a reason to savor the cool, dry breezes above 2,500 ft.

Coming down from Passaconaway, tMail and I burned up the trail at a run and completely missed the junction to Whiteface. While the PM and Treadmill took the easy (ahem, "correct") route to Whiteface, tMail and I dropped almost 2,000 ft of elevation on the Dicey Mill trail and had to crank up the Tom Wiggin trail ("loose, steep and 'not recommended'"). This rarely used trail is also known as "The Fire Escape" due to it's rising over 1,450ft in 1.1 miles. Then we had to hump back to Whiteface up and over the ledges until we met up w/ the PM and TM on their way down. tMail and I tagged Whiteface and turned around asap. Jeezus that was some trail.

Photos coming soon.

Heard it on the mountain:
[On encountering the PM and TM on their way down from Whiteface - they think we went up and over Whiteface and are coming back to meet them]
MZ: We have to tag Whiteface
PM: Huh?
tM: We came up Tom Wiggin.
PM: No way!
MZ: We dropped down Dicey Mill - didn't see the trail junction so we came up Tom Wiggin.
PM: You're shitting me!
tM: No, we're not.
PM: You guys are idiots!


  1. Couple things I heard on the mountain:

    MPM:I have four pieces of pizza
    TM: I never dated a guy with a hairy chest
    TM: I do hill repeats with my dog
    MPM: Just like Owl's head third time up this bitch
    MZ: I talk trash to my two dogs tell them they have nothing on me, on of them is an old man, I am the king of the mountain
    TMAIL: Zucker this doesn't feel right
    TMAIL: Zucker this still doesn't feel right
    MZ: take the Tom Wiggins Trail
    TMAIL: to himself "I rather run up Dicey Mill than do this"
    Guy in Jeans: What do you guys do just around around 4000 foot mountains
    TMAIL: I may ask you for a cigarette after the day I had
    TM: Zucker what if that tree you are climbing gives way and shoots you into the wilderness
    TM: What do you think lives in there, MPM an elephant
    MZ: Talking to two woman, have you seen a big guy, like a really fucking big guy...two women looking at each other...aaaaa yeah i think...

  2. Moral of this story, speed kills.

  3. Treadmill: It's called 'The Happy Trail'
    tMail: PM, how's your grundle?
    MuthaZ: Tom Wiggin rocks.
    tMail: PM, make that g-$$$ war cry again - the one where he's clutching his "lucky 7's".
    PM: I don't think "fuck shit cocksucker my damn fucking toe fucker" is german.
    PM: That's because you never dated guys over 14.
    MuthaZ (to guy hiking up Dicey's Mill): Have you seen a guy running down this? Yeah, he's about 4-5 minutes ahead of you.
    MuthaZ: I never hike in groups larger than four because I don't have that many friends.

  4. sounds like another adventuire missed....my day was spent ride the tandem with junior in tow over to the local apple orchard and then quality family time in the pumpkin patch, hayride, apple picking, and petting zoo...it was a tough 8 mile RT slog with dead legs from Sat's century. the only g-$$$ war cry heard was the bellyache from the BBQ burgers and roasted corn. sometimes being an out of shape slug has its advantages.

  5. So the gears are already turning for my adventure this weekend depending on weather...this ideas are stupid more I think of them...

    I was thinking drive to trail head for Hale run up run down...drive over to trail head for North Twin run up run down...2 down one day the classic Twofer...

    The other idea for this weekend is North Twin, South, Twin, drag my lifeless body to Galehead then drag my lifeless body back up South Twin and North Twin back to car...drop dead

    Any suggestions or volunteers?

  6. Count me out. In addition to the "Half Pepper" on Sunday, I seem to be incapacitated by a severely damaged big toe. I've pulled a Maddog and the joint is all swollen. I doubt I broke it, but I can't put too much pressure on it.

    Advice: go fast and don't look at the map. the stories are better.