Tmail The Tornado is now cranked up to smack down what's left of his 48. Jeepers. The plan is to hit these two bad boys this coming weekend. What route? What day? What time? So many questions, so few answers. Stay tuned on this channel as the plans are fleshed out.

Interesting trivia note: The PM, g-$$$, Riley and I tagged them for g-$$$'s 48 on 9/9 one year ago - the weekend the 9/11 flags were going up. That same weekend, g-$$$ asked me for the first time how many of my 48 I had left. I admitted I'd never counted or considered tagging them. He asked me again a week later on the Willey Range hike and then finally on November 19th on our way to Mt. Cabot I told him I finally counted (I think it was 36) and I was bitten by the 'bug' and decided to hamma out the last of them - and having to repeat Jefferson & Adams (w/ the PM!) so I could do my 'all in one calendar year' thing.

To this day I blame g-$$$ for infecting me with that dreaded 48 summit virus. Luckily he wasn't urging me to jump off a high bridge w/ a bungee cord wrapped around me cobblers.

[Update 9/22] tMail the Tornado has selected the route, and it's a beauty: Counter-clockwise loop from the Ferncroft parking area, up Wonalancet and back via Blueberry Ledge. We're waiting for the final word from tT on meeting times. I'm shoveling gravel all day (3/4" granite) so I won't be doing any route planning/measuring - and soaking in a hot bath this evening.


  1. I only take partial blame.....the PM was the first to go after the 48. I never had any drive to do it since my focus was on the Fine 50 States. Keeping him company on his quest got me into the same boat. I know to some it's a big deal....but I think my lack of inspiration to tag Tecumseh and complete the set. Heck at the rate I'm going.....tmail, treadmill, a wounded mad dog,a nd another generation of peakbaggers will finish before I get Tecumseh.

  2. Sunday is the date, we can discuss route further. As I told MZ I have next 3 weekends dedicated to hiking and possibly double meaning hiking Saturday and Sunday with a possible stay in Muthaville. I have ideas of the Willey Range and putting in Hale to make it extra sucky for everyone...LOL...a recovery hike on a Sunday may be hitting Adams. I have also raised the idea of North Twin, South Twin and Galehead. I also put the idea out there for a Carter Range Traverse. The reason for this smack down is that I am off to India in November the 6th to be exact so I want to hammer out what I can while still in the US and then once I return depending on fitness attack attack again...I would love to be done by my birthday March 17th, if everything falls into place....

    So Sunday is the date I know MZ is in...MPM, TM, Riley have expressed interest, once we get particpants we will pick a time and meeting location....

  3. I don't care what any of you madmen say - I don't consider Adams a viable candidate for a 'recovery' hike. Tecumseh maybe, but Adams is a motherfucking bitch. What's the plan, tMail? Drink gasoline and eat nails just to make it a challenge? You guys are ANIMALS!


    Okay, fine - I'll go - but under protest.

  4. Looking at the Map:

    In a clockwise movement up Dicey's Mill...branch off to Tom Wiggin Tr and punch Whiteface in the face then proceed on the "Henry" Rollins Tr. (http://21361.com/) back on Dicey's Mill to summit of Mt. Passout and then decide on two things descend down Dicey's Mill or come down Walden hit Hibbard then link up with Wonalancent hit Mt. Wonalan"fifty"cent and back to car....

    Just a thought...okay off to work...

  5. Wonalan "fiddy" Cent always looked kind of tempting. The Book says it's a much more rugged hike than the valley route via Dicey's Mill. I'd be up for that although I'll have to re-read that trail description. I have a feeling that going up it would be more rewarding than going down it... but then again, you guys eat nails while the rest of us are sucking on cotton candy.

  6. That sounds good then we can do it counter clockwise...and hit Wonalan"fiddy" Cent first...works for me...however we do it we hit that peak as well...

  7. I'm in and am now trying to feel out the woman and the dog. The woman is worried about keeping up... WTF? The dog is sore from a soft tissue injury from last week - he may be a scratch for the trip, we'll see.

    What time is the launch and tMail, where do you want to meet?

    The GoLite Shoes and MSR trekking poles will be in full effect tomorrow.

  8. I can't wait to see the shoes in action. Tell treadmill that if she can crank out the ReachtheBeach, she can for a little hike with us.

    I spent the last 3 days excavating into a hillside for a new deck (by hand), carting off the dirt, filling at 18" deep pad of 2/4 gravel (4 cubic yards) and today I built the deck. It's to hold a hot tub, so it's made to hold 100lbs/sq ft (or a nuclear bomb). If I can handle this hike, so can she.

    By the way, I'm only bringing 2L of water and a little food in my Black Diamond bag. Go Light.

  9. tT, what's the starting time? if I miss your reply, I'll be there at 8:30 w/ a newspaper and a cup of coffe in case you guys are coming later.