In Da Shit

The weather is looking kind of mixed up for the next week. Rain, snow, wind, calm, more snow, clouds, etc. At this point (Wed, 11/14) it's not clear what the forecast is for next Sat/Sun, but I'm kind of interested in some full-winter training and wouldn't mind taking an excursion into the shit. To be honest, it might be better at high elevation and might guarantee staying out of the rain. We'll have to see how the forecast develops.

Adams? Jefferson again over the Castles? Tecumseh? Hmmmmmmm.

[Update 11/14, 11pm]
As of this writing, the forecast for the next 24 hours includes heavy rains and flood watches all over Carol and Coos counties in NH (and beyond). Rain and floods. It looks like all the snow will fall between the 'Dacks and the Connecticut River valley and points north.

[Update 11/18, noon]
We got 4 inches of snow in Danville.... but nothing going on this weekend after all. I took some time off and baked bread, made a gallon of soy milk, did some chores and will go for a run. I went to bed at 8pm last night (actually just crashed after getting out of the hot tub) and got up at 4am to get my gear together. Then I made a cup of coffee, read The New Yorker, had breakfast, did some laundry, ... and the rest is history. Ahhhh.... not every day is a record breaker. Gooooooood coooofffffeeeeeeee.....

And if you haven't seen it yet, check out tMail's Picasa pics of his Kevari Half Marathon. 1:44! Rocket on, tMail.

By the way, Spanky and I did get out for a run in the snow (her first snow adventure). Good Dog. Of course all the pics of her and Jake during our run are here.


  1. Treadmill and I are headed to NY for the weekend. I then have next week off to play. I'm looking at a Tues/Weds excursion into the wild bumps of the Granite State - and I don't mean the bar in Rochester where my buddy's band played a couple weeks back.

    Also, we'll be in VT from Thurs-Sat/Sun durng Thanksgiving Week. Adventure plans to follow.

  2. I have classes on Mon & Tue and Wed is the day before Thanksgiving (cooking day). Fri/Sat/Sun are all good.

  3. keep me in the loop....now that I am unemployed I'd rather get outside than tackle the honey-do list.

  4. Woo Hoo! Sunday I'm heading up to a higher elevation to play around in the snow... nothing fast or furious. Make a note of the PM's schedule too - I'll join you guys if you can do anything next fri/sat/sun.