A New View North

One consequence of our trek yesterday was a damned interesting perspective from Mt. Crawford. It's a view I've never seen before. In one sweep you can see, from a little south of west to north: Carrigain, The Bonds (w/ Lafayette peeking over), The Twins, Crawford Notch, the southern Presi's to Washington, right up Oakes Gulf. The panorama I constructed here is from Crawford Notch to Mt. Washington. I didn't have enough overlap to stich the three pics well, but that's a minor technical problem. The view makes the point. Click the picture to zoom. (Resolution is the hump disappearing off the right edge, rising in front of Mt. Stairs ... I think).
[Update 11/5]: Pics are now posted. [Link]


  1. Great day out yesterday - just right for moving on 2hrs of sleep!!!

    Thanks for carrying my coffee cup and keeping me awake on the ride home!

    The new Arcteryx pack worked out well. No complaints about weight or anything. I should have brought a camelback... I am dehydrated today!

    I hoe everyone invests in, or digs out from their closet, a LL Bean commando sweater. F-ing hell was that hot!!! It's a bit heavy but it really kicked ass when I needed it. I also like the fact that the length goes past your waist/hipbelt and the fit is snug so you have no "free air" under it. I love wool... or maybe it's just the sheep?!

    Unbelieveable hot sauce. I threw some on a Triscuit last night and it was awesome. Then I threw more into some chili I had for lunch today. Delicious yet dangerous to the tubes.

    Good luck in India. The over-under is that you will both get bit by a cobra and pick up some sort of crazy, India-based STD/anal virus (just from walking the streets.) Bring plenty of the Purell and a tyvek suit and you'll be fine.

  2. tMail, I'm betting you get assaulted by a goat.

  3. agreed..fun time as usual. always important to solve the worlds ills and realize how normal we are and that it's the rest of the world that's messed up.

    pm, thanks for allowing me the honor of carrying the treasured Styrofoam to the summits.

    mz, thanks for the hot sauce....I gave some to evan on his crackers at lunch today. mrs-$$$ wants to know where we send the ER bill to.

  4. Bit by a Cobra
    Hit by a rickshaw
    Ebola from a monkey
    Malaria from a mosquito
    Japanese influenza

    after all that...beaverfever will feel like a hang nail....