Thanksgiving Slosh

Friday or Saturday is a good bet for more solid footing on the summits... maybe solid ice. If that's the case, crampons and gaiters will be the gear du jour. Westy may join us (see pics from Galehead/Twins for glossies) - although I forgot to ask him how he's set up for winter gear. What are our options? Saturday, roughly speaking, appears to be the break between fronts. Friday's freeze should make everything really icy. What I'm not into is banging around on rocks with crampons all day so it may take a little creative thinking to come up with a great plan.

Here are one or two ideas:

  • Chocorua. I know The PM and g-$$$ just tried it this week, but we could make another attack at that bad little boy. Just a suggestion.
  • Sandwich Dome & Black Mtn via Drakes Brook and the Algonquin Trail. Ever since g-$$$ brought up the idea of Sandwich Dome I keep staring at it on the map.
  • The Tripyramids. What? How dumb is that!?! Well, admittedly it's more fun when loaded with snow, but there's something appealing about the north slide when it's coated with ice. I'll bring two axes.
  • ... add ideas to the comments section. I have to go carry a new toilet upstairs.
[Update 11/22] I'm so full. I can't move. I went upstairs and felt my belly wiggle back and forth. I have a headache. I have to lie down. Based on the PM's proximity here in VT, our likely targets on Saturday will be:
  • Mt. Mansfield
  • Camel's Hump
  • Mt. Hunger
It's been raining nonstop and the cold front comes through tonight. This is going to make a mess of things.

[Update 11/23, 11am]: Blustery weather ahead. It's already damned chilly out here in Danville. In spite of all the rain, the ground is freezing up hard and the drizzle has changed to flurries. The MWO has posted a wind chill advisory for tonight and tomorrow: -30 to -40°F. Whatever we do on Mansfield/Camel's Hump the weather should be exciting and bitter cold. I'm all for it. My votes (I'm split):
  • Mansfield: Hell Brook Trail up to the Chin, descend via LT.
  • Camel's Hump: Ascend via Monroe, to Dean, to LT north to Hump. Descend via LT North to either Monroe or continue on LT to "Alpine Trail" (bad weather cutoff), and loop back to Monroe. Click schematic Hump Trails map on right to zoom.
My guess for the trail conditions above 2,500ft: 2-6 inches of crunchy and hard-pack & ice with 0-4inches of dusty powder on top (drifts near summit could be knee deep, but rare). Barebooting possible though crampons will be handy on the steepest surfaces. Snowshoes won't be missed. Footing will be varied, consistent w/ early winter conditions. Krummholz will be iced up and dusted with powder.


  1. Let's start with the important stuff...

    1) Ma Stamberg's cranberry relish is unreal and "link worthy" - http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4176014

    Thanks for the tip Mutha. I can't wait to share this batch with the fam tomorrow.

    2) Chocura - I'd try that bitch again... but will likely have the dog so it may not be good for Treadmill and I. The pooch needs crampons for this time of year.

    3) We'll likley target something in VT for Fri or Sat versus driving to the Whites. We will be looking for "dog friendly" or something close to home so that the pooch can stay with my folks for the day. We may opt to hit the Hump or the Mans-Vegas route OR we may even do a traverse of the Hunger Mountain ridge line. Treadmill is geared up with new crampons so she'll be unstoppable.

    4) Happy Thanksgiving to all. Eat your asses off...

  2. ma stamberg's relish is the best in the universe.

    Mt. Mansfield could be fun, this time of year. Hmmm, Hell Brook in these conditions? Wow.

  3. Spanky needs to do the 48!!!!