The Torture Test

So, I doubt anybody would be up for this, but I'm kinda thinkin' of kicking up the Rocky Branch trail to Isolation and back down the Montalban Ridge to Stairs col. It's about 20 miles and includes what the book describes as 4 major brook crossings that result in 'wading' unless the water is low. The water isn't low. There are one or two bushwacks described to avoid water crossings. The Rocky Branch trail is rocky, overgrown and slow going (I hear). This would be a huge day out. Anyone? Hello? Bueller?


  1. Negative Ghost Rider. No mountains for me this weekend.

  2. Me neither. I got Sat and Sun last week to play...it's a payback weekend.

  3. I did my 18K today in Bangalore...If I was home I would be there...I need Isolation!!!!