Green River Reservoir: Kayak Heaven

tMail and I hit the Green River Reservoir (link takes you to google maps satellite image) in Morrisville, Vermont. The weather was smashing. The kayaks were smooth and quiet. The fish were biting. All was right with the world.

Trip reports on their way (All photos below courtesy of tMail. I forgot to put the battery back in my camera).

Mutha's Report:

I've been on this reservoir maybe half-a-dozen times and it never ceases to impress me. No motor boats allowed. No signs to the place (you have to have directions from the VT State Parks website or from somebody who knows. There are no signs. Really.)

We had hard blue skies with white puffy clouds that later filled the sky on our way home. The light breezes that popped up from time to time kept the skin temperature manageable, although we layered on a ton of sunscreen.

tMail was kayaking like a pro in no time. It was his virgin flight, and he got in and out without the slightest hint of anything other than pro moves. Quick, smooth and no wobbling... and with a knee brace on.

Lunch? No problem. Parked on a little island about 80ft long by 20ft wide.

Dessert? No problem. Stopped at the Wolcott Mountain Creemee Shop on rte 15 on the way home. tMail's first creemee.

tMail's Report:
Tippy Canoe and Tyler Too!

Mutha and I hit the high seas of Green River Reservoir and paddled our way up "The Boomhand" part Louisanna Bayou part African Bush. At any point a Aligator or Hippo could have come from the high grass to swallow us whole. We hit a dead end thanks to the work of some beavers that built and dam.

It was a great day to get back out into Northern Vermont and be in the outdoors.

We got held up at knife point in Hardwick they wanted my knee brace.

We hit the Cabot Visitor Center.

We robbed Buck's Furniture in Wolcott.

We also hit some Soft Serve "Creamy" Stand. I asked for a medium cup of German chocolate soft serve. The girl looked at me like I had 15 heads and said "do you mean a dish of creamy" I said "if you have that, that would be perfect"

Mutha took me through Vermont back rounds and excellent cycling roads.

What a day...thanks Mutha!


  1. Looks like a great day, we didn;t see the sun much in RI today or yesterday or the day before that, well since last Saturday. Lets hope the weather in VT holds as I am heading for Rochester in the morning, hoping to put some miles in on the long trail and maybe bike a loop over Brandon Gap.

  2. wow, you ARE a wildman! careful on the gaps - those south/central vermonters are a crazy bunch. they might throw granola at your non-petrol powered vehicle from their SUVs.

  3. wildman, are you trying to cover all of the LT?