Ongoing Rain & Thunderstorms ...

... will likely dampen plans for heading into the mtns this weekend. If anyone is thinking of braving conditions, let me know and I'll get my waders.

[Update 6/13, 7:30pm] Had a window of good weather, cranked up the OBP w/ Spanky the Wonder Dog in anticipation of the MWRR next weekend. It was kind of slow going - complex footing, trotted lower section where I could've cranked, etc. 84min to summit from parking lot. while that seems a little slow (42ft/min vertical), bear in mind that this felt like an 85% effort day, and there's a lot of non-elevation gain around the Greenleaf Hut.

Just a few pics HERE.


  1. Went for a 2:30 run with at Flaherty in Waterville. Ran up Tecumseh/Waterville ski area service rd - great training for MWRR. Looking forward to next Sat.

  2. sounds excellent. i wish i'd gone up something less steep but longer in mileage as more of a test of the real thing. am considering a pre-dawn assault on the bad boy up the auto road on mon/tue as my last outing before the big day.

  3. You guys are f'n animals...I did 5 hours in Boston on Newbury Street and along the Charles...