Run Up Burke Mtn

Last training run: Spanky and I ran up the Burke Mtn Auto Road. It took 32 minutes to climb the full 1790ft (shown in purple on the right - click to zoom).

We picked the route because:

  • it was short (somewhere between 3 & 4 miles)
  • it was a mini version of the MWRR with a max grade of 18 and an avg grade of 9.7 (22 and 11 for the Bad Boy).
  • i could use it to guess at my MWRR time. if i consider the MWRR time to be 2.6 times this (based on 4650ft/1790ft) that puts my MWRR time at around 84 minutes at the fast end (assuming i keep up today's pace). 90min is more realistic for a goal time.
Anyway, that's the bottom line. I'm targeting 1:45 with a reasonable chance of hitting 1:30.


  1. hope you get some reasonable weather, nothing to good, just not brutal

  2. Thanks Wildman! I hope it's brutal! I want the winds of Thor blowing us off the mountain. Goggles and Winter Shells for a RACE! Woo Hoo!