The MWRR as data

An extraordinarily beautiful day on the mountain. No wind and no rain other than some mist as we ran through the clouds only to exit above them at the summit and finish in beautiful blue sky. I took a few photos and collected a little data.

The first graph is a one-minute log of elevation vs. time from my Suunto altimeter. It looks pretty darned steady, which is a good thing. But the apparent linearity is a little bit deceptive, so...

... in looking at the send graph, I can see fatigue setting in after an hour. This second graph is of my average ascent rate, averaged over the 5 minutes trailing the data point. Up until 60 minutes my avg ascent rate stayed on either side of 50ft/min. I'm just guessing the steady drop after that is fatigue. The road got less steep out of treeline so maybe i just didn't pick up the pace enough - but regardless, this is the data. It's a good gauge for me for the future.

My pics are posted [Link].

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