Mt. Mansfield Auto Road: The Race To The Top of Vermont

g-$$$'s Trip Report:

What can I say......thanks for a great race weekend.

Sat night was the best...great food, good times, lots of laughs, and a drink or two to take the edge off of the pre-race stresses.....and it was also confirmation that you are what you eat because I was undoubtedly became a CARCASS this morning around 1020AM. Does that apply to what you drink because then Maddog is an ARROGANT BASTARD and a half......Even so I was so glad to catch up with him and Vicki.

As to the race, thanks to Andy for keeping me company on the warmup and then leaving me to the vultures after the first half mile. Undoubtedly the removal of that bad chain link was the ONLY reason why you beat my by 13 minutes! MuthaZ may have attained Maddog's deity status with his Trifecta of Errors. It used to be only Maddog could plan and execute such workout insanity!!! And PM, thanks for providing your usual pre-race calmness and being a great playbuddy with EZ-E. The entire ride home was a series of questions like: "is the Puppetmaster going to get ice cream with us?", "where does the Puppetmaster live", is the Puppetmaster going to eat dinner with us?" And Anna and Mini-Nate were the ultimate Crew extraordinaire!

As for the race.....I dunno....certainly it was confirmation that I am not in great shape...and definitely not a hill climber anymore. I had serious bouts between self-doubt and self-hatred. There were times when I was sure I was a minute or two from getting off and walking the rest of the way....at one time I was conjuring up any random excuse that could justify my blowing up. That's a metal weakness I've never had before. My goal was to finish under an hour and until I BLEW UP, I was on track to ride around 45 mins, so I was disappointed that I missed out on what I thought was a realistic goal.

Maybe I'll do it again. I still had fun and that always makes a big difference. Lisa commented that it's been a long time since she was at one of my races cheering me on. She said she kind of missed it. So maybe it's time to get some more balance to the daily exercise routines (or lack thereof) and work on a better diet.

But winning that 2 night stay at Commodore Inn from the raffle sure gives me a good reason to come back to Stowe...now do I go back for the race or to go skiing....not the worst of dilemmas to have I suppose but certainly a test to my motivations.

Thanks (to you and your families) for making it a great weekend!!!!

mutha's Trip Report:
it's funny how the mind-demons buzz around like angry hornets on the Bondcliff Trail: the desires (for goal time), the realities and the half-truths/self-doubt/self-hatred. We've all got our demons but yet the challenges we take on are huge. the spectators watch us go by and think "oh wow, these guys are amazing" while in our heads we're saying "i suck, i'm overweight, i suck...".

how funny.

and then the demons are banished by the after-party, the humor and camaraderie of the group, because in the end we all get to lie on the grass, watch evan roll towards the hot, 2-yr old blond at the bottom of the hill and chill and tell war stories.

i can't think of a better life.

the Puppet Master's Trip Report:
I agree, it was a great weekend. For me, to see awesome friends, meet new ones, and see my family, all in the Green Mtn state - it doesn't get any better!

What I saw confirmed -
1) I will always be at least 10 mins behind MuthaZ, athletically and mentally - animal!
2) MuthaZ may have met his athletic match in Andy - animal!
3) Despite self-procalimed melt down and a race not living up to expectations, if I were ever on a bike, I would want G$ there to tow my ass up hill - animal!
4) Had I not sprinted the last 50yds, David Speed would've caught me, pushed me aside and called me his bitch!
5) Racing is 99% mental. I had none of the typical negative thoughts that normally plague me but went out with a bit of a "let's just cruise this thing and keep it steady" attitude. I need to try and find that "let's blast until we melt " race attitude. I finished with plenty of gas left in the engine and I know I shouldn't have.

Despite the longest awards ceremony EVER, sticking around for the raffle was worth it. G$ scored a sweet 2 night deal at the Commodore and I got some new shoes and a Catamount Trail book. Andy and MuthaZ, we held your tickets aside and neither won... your glory was on the course!

EZ-E and my nephew wore me out. Between playing with EZ-E at the mountain and then swimming with my nephew after, I am beat! I feel for you guys who have to find the energy to play daily! Great kids are a reflection on great parents.

I look forward to trying this one again next year. Hopefully with my sister by my side.


  1. Ez E war story...."MadDog, Mutha and Daddy, Tmail and I finished off Cabot and Waumbek then we crushed a bottle of Champagne and Health Bar Crunches....then we had dinner at some Wild West Place...I made good decisions the entire time...I had apple juice"

  2. Good war story too but we're past good choices and have moved on to potty training. Distant memories for MuthaZ and Maddog and their kids.

    The New England Cattle Company in Lancaster....hard to believe this one....but they closed earlier this year. Could it be related to that they were just about out of everything on the menu, on a Sat night to boot?

  3. Did it look like some angry customer who was stuck w/ tomato soup and saltines burned the place down?