Caledonia County Backcountry

Dogman, Maddog, Ed (Elaine), Spanky and I cranked around the outer regions of my block and put 3+ hours on Maddog's new Rossi's. The snow was deep, soft and slow in the drifts. I actually dropped off a steep hillside off a pillow of blown snow bulging out and cranked to a stop. From above, it looked like a scene out of "Steep". Regrettably, it turned into a scene from Mister Rogers ("Can you say 'boring'?"). But the hours of breaking trail took their toll and we were forced to eat two homemade pizzas then Ed and I soaked in the hottub.

Nappy Nappy time ...

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  1. I want to thank my friends at Northeast Guide Service for the wonderful adventure and post-adventure bites at chez MZ were supreme. It was a great day out. Just what the doctor ordered. -MD