MLK Adventures

So far, not too much chatter on the mountain channel. tMail's got something plotted for Sunday (Webster & Jackson) and I've got something in the works for MLK day, but no specifics yet. The elusive Dr. Targan has pinged me for a possible Monday adventure, but we'll see. Not sure he really exists.

If I go solo Monday, will probably bang out Moriah just to get that bastard out of the way. It'll be a long day if anyone is thinking of going. It doesn't look like it's be a bright clear day either.

I may also try to get DogMan out for a Franconia Ridge loop Monday. I haven't mentioned it to him yet. Am about to drop the hint.

[Update 1/19/2010]
The PM:  Mount WTF?  Squam something? (Pics Here)
tMail:  Webster & Jackson w/ Agent 007 (Pics Here)
mutha:  Moriah (Pics Here)

Mutha's trip report:
Aside from the usual "Oooh, winter wonderland..." stuff, I need to record the following for future reference:  Going up the Carter-Moriah trail from Gorham includes crossing over some bare ledge where finding the trail on the opposite side can be difficult in deep snow.

Basically, there are 4 cleared areas of exposed ledge.  the first is pretty small.  the other three are significant.  the following is the perspective of somebody ascending toward Mt. Surprise.

Clearing #1:  go straight across it the way the trail seems to lead.

Clearings #2, #3, #4:  the trail runs across the right-hand side.  Stay along the treeline on the right.  All the clearings tilt down towards the valley. Hikers should stay on the downhill edge - do not go to the highest side of the clearing (the natural instinct).  In the fresh snow, if i hadn't been able to just make out the packed out trail, it is NOT AT ALL obvious which way to go.  everything looks like a logical choice for the trail.

One of them, i think it's #3, you scramble up a really steep approach to the clearing heading almost east.  As soon as you top out of the approach (but still below the high part of the clearing), turn to the right (south) and the entrance to the trees will be straight ahead (not visible until you get close).  Again, the trick is just to stay to the right, along the right side of the clearings, along the treeline.

i wouldn't want to have to find my way to Moriah after a huge winter storm.  Between Surprise and Moriah the trail winds back and forth and there are a lot of open routes through the trees.  If you use the rule:  stay on the highest part of the ridge, cheating to the west side of the ridge where possible, you'll eventually find the trail...but it could get rough.  The summit of surprise has some gnarly ravine-like spots.  No chance of injury, it's just really rugged going if you get off-trail.


  1. Did Morgan and Percival today with two friends who are not winter hikers. Great day to be out. Wonderful views of Squam and that big lake that starts with a "W" that I can't spell.

    Hiked in a ball cap and sans gloves for 90% of it. JetBoil may be on the last leg of it's life... that is the only sad news!

  2. Pics - http://picasaweb.google.com/puppetmaster64/MrMorganPercivalSquamSFinestHillbilly#