Next Adventure on 1/9 or 1/10: BC Skiing?

MadDog proposed a ski day, perhaps one of the following:

  • ski into/outfrom owl's head
  • ski into/outfrom bondcliff (and climb bondcliff, leaving skis behind)
  • ski into lincoln's throat drainage, ski around
  • some other backcountry adventure
I'm not opposed to this but Vermont's got a lot more snow cover than in the lower elevations of the Whites and I'm not confident that blowdowns/stumps are well covered yet. Anybody know?


  1. I would like a Bondcliff adventure!

  2. I will likely be in VT on Sat and Sun as Uncle Pete heads out on Sunday morning to begin his freedom fighting adventure.

  3. any decision, Spungie and I might be looking for a good adventure, my skis are at the camp in Maine, let me know what you decide upon

  4. Inquiring minds want to know. I am in if it is Sunday and a maybe if it's Saturday. Wildman, your ski boots at camp too? I can scrounge up extra skis, not sure about compatible bindings tho.