Finally, Back in the Whites

After a long hiatus Dogman, The PM, g-$$$, tMail, Spanky, Riley, Trudy and I hit the Whites for a quick up and down on Moosilauke.  We ascended the gorge trail and descended the ridge trail.  Great loop.

  • Dogman made insightful comments on the nature of 'furries'.
  • g-$$$ let out the war-whoop
  • The PM informed us of Johnson Controls' worldwide reach
  • tMail offered details of the 'mystery' that has been haunting MadDog for a few weeks
  • Spanky at two large Mackerel sandwiches and anything anyone else offered
  • Riley demonstrated an even temperament
  • Trudy used the high winds and blowing fog as an excuse to roll around, puppylike, in the snow.

Great times were had by all.

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