Unnamed Mountain Has Fallen

It's now official:  We can do the bushwack from Devil's Hill, over Jennison Mtn and over Unnamed Mtn (I have not been able to find an historical name for it yet) to Jerry Lund Mtn.

Today's adventure w/ Spanky & Jake involved taking a forest road to the notch between Devil's Hill and Jennison, then heading southeast over the two hills and down to Jeremiah Lund Road (my name for a forest road that climbs part way up Jerry Lund Mtn).  In the map shown here the known forest roads are in pale brown and today's route in pink (out) and blue (back).  If you click on the map to zoom you can see that the route back included a side trip west that dropped down into the great valley of Peacham Bog.  It can be seen on careful inspection that it hits a low bowl with a few beaver ponds.  For a future date, get to the other side of the bowl, climb a small rise and look out over the bog.

The only remaining legs of this chain of hills is to hit Lookout Mtn heading north, and then hit Rte 2 heading north from Cow Hill.

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