Lookout Mtn to Macks Mtn Road!

Zoomed home after class, grabbed the dogs and burned out to Peacham to fill in another segment of the ridge.  Today I found my way from Lookout Mtn down to Macks Mtn Road.  tMail's familiar with this (he's been on it twice). 

Dogman is of course intimately familiar with this road. 

It took me 55 min to get from the car to Macks Mtn. Rd (see map) and 45 min to get back.  The trick was to find the bowl that I descended down into the notch.  A classic profile of the hills around here is a ramp-like ascent from the north and a sometimes horribly steep descent on the south side.  It's from glaciers moving south.  The south sides are usually boulders & rubble dropped by the glaciers that over the years have filled in with soil.  At the bottom, the small pond visible on the map is part of two ponds, one dug by the property owners, and includes a mowed area with a fire pit and some chairs.  It's a great spot.  The trek finished down a rutted road to the main road.

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