Lookout Mtn Has Fallen

In the ongoing quest to tackle all the minor summits in the area, I knocked off one named (and one unnamed) hill.  The purple route show on the attached map was today's trek, topping out at just a little over 2,450'.  The woods were bright and open and the snow about shoe deep (the soft leaves underfoot made it seem deeper).

Not much evidence of human industry except the general look of having been completely logged out in the recent past.

Found an outstanding outcrop w/ large fir trees that make a terrific campsite and location for the new fort (that will one day be built).

Lookout mountain has no outlook that earns it that name.  I'd like to rename it "Can't See Sh*t Mountain".

Also on the map:
brown arrows:  we've done those routes
green loop:  "The Homewrecker".  Starts/Ends at Dogman's house.  Hits Hooker Mtn, Macks Mtn, Lookout Mtn, Cow Hill and then back.
    the goal:  sub 4 hours.

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