The Next Big Adventure

This week is shaping up to be quite the week for laying down some nice base layers of snow/ice. I went x-c skiing for the first time - had to use a headlamp - but conditions are pretty nice down in Danville. I imagine that there's a nice base being laid down in the mountains.

You may have heard that the MWO satellite antenna had its protective cover ripped off by 120mph winds last weekend. It was -20° (-80° wind chill).

Like MadDog, I have to be at a social function at around 5 or 6pm Saturday night (the same one, in fact). This means something light-weight for saturday for me. There's always Sunday - nothing like a big hike with a hangover. Any ideas?


  1. PM and I are waiting to make a weather decision for a stay in Carter Notch on the night of the the 15th (Monday) if anyone is interested in attending. Saturday is out for me but Sunday I would be interested in an outing if the Carter Notch Cuddle Fest is cancelled due to weather or nuclear war.

  2. Saturday is now open...weather is causing havoc!!!

  3. I need to stay put Saturday, and Sunday is looking rather iffy. So I'm holding out for the following weekend, either day.

  4. We're about to get dumped on w/ some significant snow, and saturday is shaping up to be a great-looking day. My problem is that i have to be back to the car by 3pm at the latest, and that's pushing it. This does not make for a long day out in the bright skies and bitter, bitter cold.

    On the other hand, Sunday is open.