Sunday, 12/14

This is just a placeholder post while tMail and I figure out what the plan is. Anyone thinking of heading to NH on Sunday, post hike ideas in the comments section and I'll throw them out on this main page. Sunday ... hmmm... what do we know: fresh snow, ice, crust... sounds like great cramponing. Better check the MWO report on Saturday morning.

[Update 12/13] Word on the street has it that the Bad Boy is the likely destination in order to "look hell in the eye" or something like that. Conditions should be cold and windy. Avi conditions are stabilizing with rain saturated snowpack locking tight like concrete.



    Close the doors, put out the light
    You know they won't be home tonight
    The snow falls hard and don't you know
    The winds of Thor are blowing cold
    They're wearing steel that's bright and true
    They carry news that must get through

    They choose the path where no-one goes
    They hold no quarter,
    They hold no quarter.

    Walking side by side with death
    The devil mocks their every step
    The snow drives back the foot that's slow
    The dogs of doom are howling more
    They carry news that must get through
    To build a dream for me and you
    They choose the path that no one goes
    They hold no quarter,
    They ask no quarter,
    They hold no quarter,
    They ask no quarter...they think about no quarter...With no quarter quarter.
    Oh No...

  2. The devil mocks my steps too..

    No NH poke today due to an early dinner date. No attendance tomorrow due to a 5K Jingle Bell run. Have fun and be safe up that big lump.

    I may head north next week - weather dependent, I won't brave the hellfire rain and ice. Will keep you posted.

    Hope G$ gets power soon. F-ing ice.

  3. wtf? did tmail gen those lyrics? i think you're overloaded on pavement.

  4. what time is the hellbound bus leaving on sunday?

  5. it's zeppelin - but good words for the adventure.

    no real plan for sunday yet. wanna come along? mostly we just want to hear the dogs of doom howling.

  6. generators rock and a roaring fireplace is a grand thing but damn I love my electricity and hot showers. how did previous generations survive winters???

    no bad boy for me. didn't sleep much last night after tending to the fire...next order of biz is to get the house back in order. got extension cords all over the place.

    be safe and stay warm.

    tmail/pm...still headed to carters on mon? no go for me. was unable to confirm my interview on mon due to the storm so best to be available here so I can follow up.

  7. No go for Mon/Tues next week. It appears that more garbage weather is on it's way - a likely mix of rain and snow. I will wait until it"s 100% snow before venturing out to try an overnight! (I know, I'm getting soft!)

    Have fun and be safe tomorrow. Looks like the winds are going to crank up pretty good.