Slow descent to 12/6: Holiday Ennui

It's time to start the chatter about 12/6 (Saturday). Maddog is out (I'm pretty sure) and I have to be back early. It's a 'tween holiday weekend which makes it a bit suspect for getting a large group together, so I've already got a backup plan if nobody else will be around: Jackson, for my third and final finish of my 96. Great Caesar's Ghost!

[Update 12/6 6:30am] Spanky and I are packing for Jackson. With a 10°F trailhead temp we'll be as cold as we've been all fall. I'll bring her coat for emergencies. We're just going up the Webster/Jackson trail from the AMC lodge over by Saco Pond so this won't be a huge event, but the cold will be a good reminder of what winter is. We're not planning on hitting the trailhead until 9am to let the sun come up and warm things for a few hour so this will be quite the leisurely jaunt.

[Update 12/7] Didn't get around to uploading pics until this morning due to rockin' party at mr. & mrs. maddog's last night! woo hoo! done w/ 96 (for real).


  1. Saturday I am hitting the pavement for 13.1 miles...I will probably puke eggnog the entire way as I have a Holiday Party Friday night. The remainder of Saturday and Sunday are being dedicated to fueling the economy Christmas shopping. It looks like the next time I am up North is the 15th and 16th for The Carter Notch Cuddle Fest with the PM and whoever...

    Weekend prior to Christmas is open as well...


  2. http://www.ultimatexc.com/running-series.html

  3. Have a good time on Jackson.

    Off to Foxwoods for my wife's company holiday party.....

    Being the prolific gambling man that I am, I suspect I'll come back all so much richer or with one helluva hangover.

  4. Sister and nephew are in town all weekend. Had a 110% Boston day - Old Ironsides, Bunker Hill, the Barking Crab, and the Childrens Museum. Topped it off with a kick ass shepards pie (homemade with stout simmered lamb meat.)

    Next Sat is a maybe day for me. Will keep you posted.

  5. Next Saturday possible:

    15th and 16th is that still a go?

  6. Awesome pic of Bad Boy!!! I can't wait to get up there looks like winter is hear to stay for some time!

  7. I have a par-tee on the eve of the 15th. Soooo...either something that can get me back here for 5ish. Or something sane on Sunday the 16th. I'm open the following weekend (so far) but time has a habit of changing things around the holidays.

  8. Zealand Road Logging: Winter 2008-2009

    Notice for Winter 2008-2009 Zealand Hut guests: Please note that, as always, the Zealand Road will be closed for the winter by the U.S. Forest Service, and no private vehicles will be allowed. The closing date depends on snow cover but will probably be between mid-November and early December 2008. Parking will again be at the large winter parking lot on the north side of Route 302.
    There will be logging activities along the Zealand Road from December 15, 2008 - March 15, 2009. The Zealand Road gate will be closed but logging trucks will be going in and out and are allowed to do so 7 days a week. The areas identified for harvesting this year will be on the east side of the Zealand Road closer to Route 302 and at the very end of the Zealand Road near the Zealand Trail. The plan is to start at the end of the road and work back towards 302 so that they don't have to plow the road all winter.

    Hikers and skiers are allowed on the Zealand Road but should know that it could be plowed the entire length and possibly unfavorable for skiing. There is the option of skiing on the side of the road or on the Spruce Goose Ski Trail, which had extensive work done to it this summer by the Student Conservation Association (SCA) and will be open the entire length. Visitors should also be aware of logging trucks on the road and take precaution when using the road. The Forest Service will be posting signs at both ends of the road for hikers, skiers and snowmobilers to warn of these hazards.

    The road will reopen in early May 2009 based on weather and conditions.