The Winter Storm

The heavy rain you kids in Beantown are seeing is moving north as all snow. in between, in g-$$$-ville, it's looking like freezing rain and snow and other stuff.

It looks kind of mixed on the bad boy.

The bottom line: it looks like this is the first of many storms to lay down a beautiful, chewy base (I know the stuff on Jackson was terrific). While i get my hopes up every year, last year we got hammered with so much rain that the bottom base was hard, nearly unscratchable ice. Maybe this year it'll be a snow layer bonded to the rocks that becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Of course by spring it could be the weak layer for many terrific avis, but until then I've got hopes for a great season.


  1. As the song goes, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow." We're not quite hunkered yet, but root cellar is packed, the wood pile is wide and tall, there's plenty of hay in the barn, my winter longies are out, and my muzzle loader is ready to go.

  2. I have either the 20th or the 21st free for a jaunt. Anyone interested in doing pre-Xmas caloric burn?

    Let me know what you're thinking, b/c in the next day or so I can see one of those two days being pulled away for domestic duties :-)